The Old Days – in The Past

Sometimes I am asked by the younger generation if I prefer the old days to the present and they just can’t understand when I say yes. I sit in my office listening to them laughing at the way things used to be. They laugh about the dress code, no television, no lights etc). The younger generation has become so accustomed to the present day technology and the modern way of living that they can’t even begin to imagine how great the old days used to be.

Last night and this morning we had no water and it reminded me of how we used to go to a borehole to collect water or to the river. Having no water was not an issue when I was young. Electricity was a great invention but if you think of how much it costs and when there is no electricity the world ceases to exist. Now if you compare a coal stove to a modern electrical stove the only disadvantage of a coal stove, was, having to make a fire every morning. On the other hand an electrical stove costs a fortune to run and to repair if it is broken and if there is no electricity the panic question is “how on earth do you cook?”

Running the admin side of a business was also vastly different from today. Everything was done by hand and there was no danger of losing all your work because a computer crashes or work stand still because the electricity supply is off for a few days. Children used to pay outside or when it rained they played board games or they helped with chores around the house. Now children are glued to either a television screen or a computer playing games. This may be easy on the parents but all the quality times with the family have disappeared.

A horse and carriage was low maintenance but of course motor cars had to enter the scene. The cars from the old days were strong and easy to fix. If, for some reason, your car broke down alongside the road in most cases it was easy to fix right there and then. The cars of today are all computerised and the only way to fix them is to take them to qualified mechanics which cost an absolute fortune. If an older model car bumps into a new car, many times the older car comes out unscathed and the newer car is either a right off or needs expensive repair work.

Now I am thinking of when I was younger going out was such a special treat. The ladies dressed with such care wearing their best evening gown and the men were dressed smartly. This has all fallen alongside the way to a more modern free dress style which makes nothing special. Oh, of course, a little makeup, jewellery, and an expensive outfit that could be worn at work as well. This is something I really miss, seeing all the ladies with their beautiful long evening gowns dressed up to the night.

OOOO I must not forget how we used to go fishing or picnicking at the river or dam. Everything was free but sometimes if you went on a farmers land you would pay a minimum amount for day. The farmers would treat you as guests, offering you something to drink or even breakfast. Now that has all changed and the rivers and dams are surrounded by complexes and houses and you can’t get near the dam unless you find a small spot where you have to pay a fortune to enter. The beautiful waterfalls used to be free for everyone to enjoy and now there are restrictions all around and you have to pay to see them.

We used to be able to travel on steam trains, which was so much fun and to get to work there were regular trams and later busses which was affordable. Oh my word, today you have to have a car or pay a fortune to travel on a train and even worse take your life in your hands by travelling in a taxi. I won’t even talk about the amount of traffic and bad roads we have now.

The modern world is easier in so many ways but it depends so much on technology and it has lost that intimate flair and basic fun the past used to have. So I let the younger generation laugh and I think to myself, “They have no clue what they have missed.”

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