The Top Five Coolest Modern Cars


Everyone has their drool worthy car: Maybe you’re a a Ferrari fan (F430 anyone?) or maybe you’re a fanboy of the massively powerful Bugatti Veyron (1001 horsepower!) This is a collection of the five coolest cars on the streets today.

The Scion tC

I know, a TOYOTA?! Before you write a flamingly mean comment below my article listen to what I have to say about this cool little ride. While the Scion may be a Toyota by birthright it’s definitely a Toyota on steroids. Generally considered to be the replacement for the older Toyota Celica, the tC boasts the Camry’s 2.4 litre straight 4 cylinder engine, which, compared to the other cars on this list isn’t very impressive. However, considering Toyota extracted 161 BHP from this little baby you gotta say that’s impressive. Pair that with super sleek modern styling and a price tag much lower than it’s closest rival, the Maxda MX-5, you have a recipe for success for any baller on a budget.

The Ariel Atom

That’s right, two cars that aren’t really supercars in the first two positions on the list. But what makes a car cool anyway?? Not just speed… that’s for sure. The Atom (made famous by Jeremy Clarkson of BBC 2’s Top Gear) shows us just how cool a car that barely looks like a car can be. Manufactured by a tiny English automotive company called Ariel, the atom was truly one of a kind at it’s inception. Utilizing a supercharged engine from a Honda Civic Type R, the atom can reach speeds of 140 mph, and boasts a 0-60 MPH time of 2.7 seconds! All that for $65 000 US! Pretty impressive… and incredibly cool.

Modern Cars

The Saleen S7 Twin Turbo

What makes this car the third coolest car in the world is it’s totally bad ass styling. I think Saleen must have taken a look a the Dodge Viper and thought “we can do much better.” Not only does the S7 look completely amazing, but it’s also one of the fastest automobiles ever made. 0-60 MPH takes just 2.7 seconds, and if you’ve got the balls, you can be doing 200 MPH off the line in under 30 seconds. (The official measurement in 27 seconds to reach 200 MPH) Unbelievable engineering, and extremely cool.

The Maybach Exelero

The most expensive car in the world. Although still only in the concept stages, Mercedes Benz’s super luxury line has created something tuly extraordinary here. While it’s certainly not the fastest car on the list by a long shot, it is definetly among the coolest. The Maybach Excelero does 0-60 MPH in 4.4 seconds; keep the pedal to the metal and you’ll reach the top speed of 218 MPH in just over 45 seconds. What makes the Exelero so amazing is not only the way it looks but the space it now occupies in the world as the most expensive luxury automobile ever produced: no surprise it came from Mercedes huh? I wonder how much this beast will cost to ensure… considering it costs $8,000,000 US. No, that’s not a typo. 8 million dollars. For a car.

The SCC Ultimate Aero

Ultimate indeed. The world’s fastest supercar is also, in my opinion, the world’s coolest car. This 1183 BHP monster bested the Bugatti Veyron in September 2007 and continues to hold the crown of fastest production car in the world. It is produced by Shelby Supercars of the US, and boasts a theoretical top speed of 270 MPH, however, in the Guiness book of world records, it clocked in at 256 MPH, enough to beat the Bugatti by nearly 3 MPH. It is still in production and fetches a price hovering around $650.000 US. A bargain when you consider the Maybach!


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