There Modification Law, How Wheels Motor Disabilities Three



Echi Pramitasari who suffered spinal injuries in a motorcycle eventually chose to use Yamaha N-Max modified into a three-wheeler. Echi choose a motor and modify it to give inspiration to other disabled people.

However, behind the functionality of three-wheeled motorcycle for disabled people, recently emerging discourse modification rules with a maximum fine of Rp 24 million.

“There are pros and there are cons,” said Echi. “According to me, there are positive and negative sides of this rule. Perhaps its intention to bring order, but on the other hand also be limiting,”

Rules regarding these modifications contained in the Traffic Act No. 22 of 2009 and Government Regulation No. 55 of 2012 with the purpose of traffic safety factor, both for the rider and other road users.

However, modifications are allowed as long as the vehicle has been through type test. Changes in modifications can only be done by a workshop or a single agent (ATPM) designated.

Echi underline that this regulation has a domino effect. He also hoped that the rules are enforced to the accompaniment of an integrated solution.

“Do not let this rule only be made and only think about the interests of the parties, especially our (disabled people) modifying therefore be supporting our needs. The government has also not been able to meet our transportation needs (both public and private transport),”

He hopes that this rule is balanced out with adequate facilities. He also hoped that the regulations to accommodate disabled people motorist who would not want to make modifications for different needs than products factory output.

“Hopefully the government more prudent in the application of this regulation, and lack of clarity in the content of legislation, and balanced with adequate facilities. The exit of the regulation could also accommodate the needs of disabled people.”

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