Three Cylinder Engines Future Trends

The breakthrough is called the Vice President of Sales & Marketing NMI Teddy Irawan will trend in the automotive world in the future. Nissan itself already uses 1200 cc 3-cylinder engine inMarch. And many other car manufacturers such as Daihatsu call it.

“In the future trend of the three-cylinder engine. Trend will lead to a direction to it. 3 cylinder is long. Like the Daihatsufirst to use 3-cylinder,” Teddy said during a visit to the editorial AFP on Thursday (03/05/2012).

However, the continued weakness of 3-cylinder engine vibration caused Teddy is a 3-cylinder engine. Therefore, various car manufacturers, like Nissan is trying to minimize vibration.

“The problem is vibrated 3 cylinder engine (shaking). Why Nissan made ​​a bit differently and spinning machines. And stay kuatin engine mounting. Engine 3 siliner weaknesses in vibration,” he said.

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