Tips on Detecting When Your Tires are Due for Replacement

Service your vehicle on a regular basis

When you go to your mechanic for the regular servicing of your car, he will surely advise you to replace your tires if the time has come. The wheel alignment is another important thing a mechanic will take care of and check on a regular basis – especially when it comes to the replacement of the tires of the car. If the wheels of the car are aligned properly, wear and tear of the tires can be reduced drastically.

Paying attention to your car

Often, you can tell that you need to replace and buy tires, kjøpe bildekk will be in Norwegean, if the performance of the car deteriorates. For example, the car might not be able to handle as well as usually or it might not perform very well on a wet road. It might also not respond quickly enough to braking. These are all signs that you need to get a new set of tires as soon as possible. If the tread of the bildekk, tires from Norwegean, of your car has worn out to less than 1.6 mm, which is the legal minimum of tread in most countries, the tires and the whole car become dangerous on the road. A car specialist or a mechanic will test this level but if you inspect your car at least once every day, you should be able to tell if your tires do not look the way they should. Check for irregular wear or bulges on every one of your tires while inspecting the car since these might be the indicators of potential mechanical problems you will be facing. The level of inflation of the tires also affects how long they live so you should regularly check the pressure of all the tires when you are at the service station for a gasoline refill. Well inflated tires have a much longer lifespan than the ones which are not taken care of properly.

In case you’re wondering whether your tires need to be replaced due to the wearing out of the tread you can perform a simple test on your own too. All your need is a coin with Lincoln’s head on it. Put this coin in the tread of your car and see what part of it becomes invisible to you once the coin is in. In case you can see part of Lincoln’s head this means that the tread of your tires is worn out and your tires need to be replaced as soon as possible since they might pose danger to you while driving.

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