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Tips To Choose The Right Helmet For a Bike Ride

Tips To Choose The Right Helmet For a Bike Ride

Helmets are considered to be an essential accessory for those who ride any kind of two-wheeler.

In most of the countries, wearing them is as mandatory as not committing a crime. It becomes even more necessary to put them on, if you are a rash rider and do not care about speed. Most of the people think that helmets are only made to provide protection in case of accidents or any kind of mishappening. But, the fact of the matter is that their basic function is to provide comfort to the rider while riding through busy roads.

Motorcycle helmets are divided into four different categories and are certified only after going through various tests to ensure comfort and protection. One should be aware of the laws of their state before buying a helmet to ride a two-wheeler. Every state has prescribed set of rules and regulations for helmets that should be followed by the rider before making any purchase. In this article, we will discuss some basic tips that will help you to choose the right protection shield for your head.   

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Helmet

Coverage : Your helmet should be able to provide full coverage to your head. Some of them are designed to provide full-face coverage as well for better protections.  If you are an aggressive rider, then consider going for full face coverage helmet will be a better choice thereof.

Standards and Benchmarks: It can be associated with DOT or SNELL Standards. Make sure the helmet you chose have gone through a series of tests and standards to ensure protection and safety. Make sure you always buy genuine helmets so that you are completely protected and comfortable while riding a bike. These organizations set the standards and benchmarks to ensure that the product provide high standards of protection and comfort to the rider.

Color:  When it comes to choosing a color, many people prefer going for the similar color as that of the bike. However, it is always advisable to go for bright colors so that you are visible to others even in the darkest of roads. Black, grey and dark colors certainly look good, but don’t forget helmets are made to protect you and not to enhance your personality.  White, bright red, yellow, orange, or bright colored helmets are good choices.

Fitting:  This is one factors that is really hard to describe. It can be different for different people. Some people like to have a helmet that fits well around their head, over their ears, forehead and may be next to the cheeks. While buying a helmet try holding it and move your head in different directions. Make sure that you feel comfortable by moving to the either sides. Also, check the strap of the helmet. It should neither be too tight, nor too loose to fall with just a move. Motorcycle Helmets should also neither be too loose or tight for the rider. Too loose helmets will not provide the desired level of safety and too tight will be too suffocating for the rider.

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