Top 10 Tips for Saving Fuel

 1 ) Check your air filter

A clean air filter is the key to success for fuel economy . Dirty air filter restricts air flow into the engine , which harms performance and economy. Air filters are easy to check and change , remove the filter and hold it towards the light . If you do not see light through it, you need a new one. Consider a permanent filter that can be cleaned and changed , are much less restrictive than paper filters , plus they are much better for the environment.

 2 ) Check your tire pressure

Immediately after the air filter too little inflated tires are one of the most overlooked causes of high fuel consumption . Buy a device to check the pressure in the tires, check your tires when they are cold ( driving the car heats the tires and air within them , thus increasing the pressure ) and keep them properly inflated . Use pressures of the manual car.

 3 ) Reduce the speed

As speed increases , fuel consumption increases. Try to go the speed limit for a few days . You will save a lot of fuel and your roads will last about as long.

 4 ) Go and trucks

Have you noticed how, in traffic jams , cars tend to accelerate the speed and decrease steadily , while light trucks tend to go the same speed ? A constant speed keeps the number of speed changes to a minimum – important to those with manual transmission – but also helps save fuel because it takes much more fuel to put in motion a vehicle than to keep it moving .

 5 ) Accelerate with care

Turn ON the squeak of wheels is obviously a high fuel consumption – but that does not mean you have to go crawling at each stop . If you drive a car with automatic transmission , accelerate moderately so the transmission to move into higher speeds. If you drive a car with manual transmission , you should do before changing speed , but do not choke the engine. Look at the way that the time to see if there are possible reasons for a decrease in speed . If you accelerate quickly to brake must then will consume more fuel.

 6 ) Go back to nature

Consider turning off the air conditioner, opening the windows and enjoy the fresh air . Can you be warmer , but at lower speeds you’ll save fuel. At higher speeds , the air conditioner will probably be more effective as an open window or sunroof air .

 7 ) Do not get seduced by the beauty of accessories

Wheels and new tires may look nice and certainly will improve the car’s handling . But if they are wider the tires from the factory, there are chances that they create more resistance running and increase fuel consumption. If you improve rims and tires, keep the old ones . These are useful and helps save fuel if longer journeys .

 8) Clean your car

The higher the weight of the car , the more fuel is needed . Check your car regularly and see what can be thrown out of it and went home . You do not need much to aggravate car still 20-25 kg.

 9) Keep old cars

Many people keep their old cars even after buying a new one. An extra car , especially if it is a more economical , can be insured against potential increases in fuel . Car maintenance costs may be higher or lower in saved fuel costs , but provides more safety .

 10) Do not drive

If you can avoid driving , you save fuel. Take the train , bus, tram when you go to buy something . Walking or cycling is good for your health and your wallet . And before you get in the car , always ask yourself : ” Is it really necessary that road ? “

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