Two New Mobile of The Park Will Add to The Yerevan Metro

Two new mobile structure in the near future will be added to existing underground in Yerevan 45, the press service of the City Hall.

According to a report on the involvement of a fully renovated and furnished with modern compositions, dedicated to observe 21 September Independence Day of Armenia, was reported at a meeting with Mayor of Yerevan Karen Karapetyan.

During his visit to Yerevan metro mayor also read the work of CCTV on the subway.

To ensure the safety of passengers, under the “Safe Yerevan” in ten underground stations are installed 186 cameras, which are at work on large plasma monitors 24 hours a day watching from the relevant services. At the end of the day is fully archived video.

There are plans to install video cameras in the cars of rolling stock.

After reviewing the problems of underground, Karapetyan instructed to examine and draw up a clear program to overhaul stations “Sasuntsi David”, “Shengavit”, “Gortsaranain”, “Garegin Nzhdeh” and “Republic Square”.

Yerevan Metro Karen Demirchyan was founded in 1981 and currently operates ten subway stations. The total length of subway

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