Used or Recycled Automotive Parts

There are certain occasions when you have no alternative than to buy an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part for your car or truck. Perhaps a recycled part isn’t suitable, such as a replacement belt or chain, or safety legislation means you have to purchase a new part.

However, in the majority of instances you can choose to purchase a part-used or recycled automotive part and it will do the job just fine.

There are many benefits to purchasing a used or recycled part for your car. Consider the following; a used or recycled part can cost up to 75 per cent less than a new part. Recycled or used parts were originally core OEM parts, so they are guaranteed to fit your vehicle correctly, unlike some aftermarket parts which are multi-fit units. Used or recycled automotive parts are environmentally friendly; they continue to be used so don’t end up in a landfill site and it means that less of the precious earth’s resources are used.

Add to the list of benefits the fact that fitting used parts also helps keeps insurance costs low. The reason is that many parts can be salvaged and any proceeds go to the insurance companies. You can buy used or recycled parts from many outlets and of course online or by phone to it’s as easy as buying a new part, but save you a lot of money.

The automotive recycling and used parts business has been growing year on year and is currently worth an estimated $20 billion with in excess of 6 billion vehicles recycled on an annual basis. It’s difficult to comprehend, but the recycling industry is therefore responsible for saving about 80 million barrels of oil each year; the oil would have been used to manufacture OEM or aftermarket parts.

Recycled parts only have certain worn out components replaced, thus saving resources. Take an alternator as an example; the outer casing and the central armature can be reused for certain and these two items make up most of the part. It’s also possible that the wire windings may be in good condition as well, meaning that even less materials are needed to make the part good.

Recycling automotive parts doesn’t just reduce the use of new materials, it also means that the equipment used to manufacture the parts isn’t used so much thus reducing air and water pollution.

The automotive recycling industry is fully regulated and must comply with local and national regulations regarding waste management and pollution. The industry is proud of what it has achieved over the years and is set to grow farther as recycling products becomes even more important.

Hopefully this article will have helped inform you about using recycled or used parts for your vehicle. Using these types of parts is good for your bank balance and good for the environment, so it’s a win win situation. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, you will also find that many used or recycled parts come with a warranty, so there’s really isn’t any excuse for not using them in future.

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