Vehicle Quality

I’ve recently discovered how crappy vehicles are made today. Most of my friends who have new cars have been complaining of problems, and that got me thinking. I remember my first car was a 1992 Ford Ranger. Bought her for 700$ in 2012 with 200,000miles on her. Got rid of her a few years later with well over 300,000, no problems other then Michigan rust had eaten her up. I drove the piss out of it, even went about 20,000 miles without an oil change, and yet there was no problems at all when I let her go other then the rust. It had the 3.0l V6 with a 5 speed manual. It had proven to be absolutely bulletproof. 

Why are cars so crappy now a days? It seems that engines are only good for 100-200k miles, if that. We pay so much more for cars now then we did 20 years ago, and yet they last less then they did back then. We pay for all this electronic stuff, all these expensive goodies, then turn around and replace it all in a few years. What happened to buying a car and keeping it for 15-25 years? Has our money really become so disposable that we willingly drop 20k on a car and don’t even get 20 grand worth of use out of it?

Part of the reason cars are like this now a days is because of expectation. We expect cars to be full of all the bells and whistles and all the electronic goodies, then 70,000 miles down the road when something goes wrong, we simply fiind something new. We don’t even bother to fix it, to us it’s simply a waste of time or money. Our expectations carry over to the quality that the automakers put into cars. Why make a car that lasts for 300,000 miles if when something goes wrong, people just get rid of it? It’s ridiculous. I dont know about most people, but I don’t have 20 grand to drop on a new car every few years. Hence why most of my cars are from the 1980’s. 

People need to start holding on to cars more, and auto makers need to make cars like they used to. With actual quality. 

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