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Video: Mini Car Fastest Universe

Video: Mini Car Fastest Universe

BMW specialist tuner, AC Schnitzer MINI managed to make the fastest on earth. AC Schnitzer car named Raptor managed to carve an impressive lap time at the Tuner Grand Prix 2012 event which takes place at the Hockenheim circuit.

MINI cars in the world’s fastest

Launched Carbuzz, Saturday, June 16, 2012, AC Schnitzer MINI JCW Coupe rely as pacuannya car and managed to carve a laptime 1 minute 10.87 seconds or 1.11 seconds faster than last year’s fastest MINI also made ​​with the name AC Schnitzer AC Schnitzer Eagle.

In the race sponsored by Sport Auto Magazine’s AC Schnitzer Raptor not only managed to carve a better time than the previous model MINI.

AC Schnitzer Eagle also succeeded in defeating the world’s leading supercar like the Pagani Zonda F, Ferrari 599 GT Band 911 GTS Porsche.

That power can not be separated from the Raptor machine capable of spraying power of 300 PS (221 kW/296 bhp). Additional power management resulting from the new engine, turbo and intercooler, as well as stainless exhaust system with racing thenew catalyst is applied.

Other items that come applied to increase energy MINI Raptor is the use of sport clutch, limited slip differential, and some components that were replaced with carbon material that can be lighter weight cars.

To develop this Raptor, AC Schnitzer has spent over 62.000 Euros or about Rp 735 million. See the video on here.

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