Video: Second Birth: Almost a Truck Passed Me in The Shear

Adhering fine roads and fallen snow is a great enemy of tire adhesion. But we can notonly due to winter driving speed of 20 km / h, so we sometimes happens that our carwill skid. Usually they are brief moments when we have the car under control, butsometimes the car and become immovable when it comes to serious accidents.

The video has managed to catch a ride on a relatively narrow road, where two (or more) driving passengers go peacefully, when suddenly born a second time ..

What they will at one time is called a miracle. At one point before they begin deliveryand can impede the full wayside. Driver of the car from which the video recording, ithas to do not meet, so he have no choice other than to watch a truck that goesdirectly to shear him ..

,,Need for speed: Soviet Russia drift´´

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