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Vw Polo So National Car Malaysia

Vw Polo So National Car Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, which was seized car title as the world’s best cars,the Volkswagen Polo will be Malaysia’s national car. How did it happen?

Volkswagen Polo (detikoto)

Reported by Business Times, German manufacturer Volkswagen was approaching the Malaysian national carmaker Proton. VW also let Proton to make Proton rebadge a car Polo.

Like the Mitsubishi Lancer car which had rebadge a Proton Inspira. If VW Polo has rebadge a Proton car prices certainly decreased dramatically.

In Malaysia, a VW Polo appreciated about 113,000 ringgit Malaysia, but if it is produced in Malaysia with German technology, the price dropped to about 70,000 ringgit Malaysia. To smooth out the plan, some officials have met with VW reportedly the latest investor DRB-HICOM Proton namely in Hong Kong.

DRB-HICOM and VW is already working in a factory assembling VW Passat Week, Pahang, Malaysia. VW is aiming to develop the Asian market for small cars despite failing to Suzuki.

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