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Why It is Important to Set Road Safety Rules for Young Drivers

Why It is Important to Set Road Safety Rules for Young Drivers

Driving on the street can be a fun experience, but it can also be dangerous – especially if you are reckless and being ignorant.

Young drivers tend to be careless about their own safety as well as the others. They tend to take risks for the sake of their ego and being praised by their friends; instead of really paying attention to the road regulations and safety concerns. That’s why there are road safety rules for young drivers that are designed to protect them as well as other drivers.

There are several characteristics of the young drivers in terms of neglect and careless, such as:

- They are risk takers. They like driving too fast for the sake of joy ride. They often think that driving in high speed is the coolest thing, especially when they show it off to their friends.
- They have low hazard perception. They have low anticipation skill and low skill to recognize dangerous situation. For example, they tend to drive too closely to the other cars.
- They tend to tag along passengers and risk their lives as well. Since they bring along their friends, the possibility of being distracted is quite big and it can lead to dangerous situation.
- Young drivers like to do night driving; while in reality they are not experienced enough to do such thing. Night driving requires skills, careful observation, and also careful planning; while young drivers tend to neglect all those things.

When learning how to drive, the young drivers are taught these things:

- They need to have supervised practice that lasts for about 120 hours. During these practices, they need to show their careful driving skill as well as the road management. If they are able to complete these 120 hours of supervised practice, it is likely that the possibility of crash can be reduced up to 35%
- They need to learn how to do defensive drive. It means that they should be able to anticipate problems and crash before they actually happen. They need get used to convex mirrors, because ”Objects in mirror are closer than they appear“. The more hours they have on the road, the more skills of defensive drive they can learn.

- They need to avoid tagging along more than two passengers – especially if the passengers are within the same age range. According to the research, when young drivers are carrying more than one passenger, the possibility of crash is bigger.
- They need to have licenses or being supervised by an adult with license. This regulation is applied especially when they are carrying a group of young people with the similar age.
- They need to have more practice in night driving. It would be wiser if they can have practiced driving with the accompaniment of experienced driver by their side. Not only the practice will be safer, they can also gain more skills along the way.

These road safety rules for young drivers are set up to protect all road users. If these young drivers are being reckless and careless, not only they will harm themselves, but all the people that are on the road. It’s better to develop awareness from the beginning, so everyone can be safe.

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