Why Safety is Important

It only takes a second to realize the importance of being safe. By being careless even for a second, you can lose everything you have including those things that matter most to you.

This afternoon in less than an hour, I had witnessed 3 accident-related incidents. The first one was a near miss when I was riding a bus going to the town. I was head-banging and relaxing on my seat listening to the music on my phone, when all of a sudden the bus made a hasty turn to the furthest side of the road. I thought it was nothing but when I saw the pale faces of the other passengers, I realized it was indeed a serious encounter. I also heard someone yelled out calling Gods and Angels while others simply gave out inappropriate curses. The driver luckily avoided a van that suddenly stopped in the middle of the road.

A few minutes later, I went down at the bus stop. It appeared like there was a feast in the area. People gathered around as if they were having a discussion. I was stuck in the middle of the crowd blocking my way but I managed to get out. There was also a man in uniform with his blue shirt delicately tacked in his black pants. I presumed he was an investigating police.

I saw plenty of shattered glass in almost every direction. I could even hear a smashing sound underneath my slippers. I overheard from a janitor cleaning the area that there was an accident just minutes before we arrived. I saw a wrecked white van pulled by some men. Its door was smashed. Its front shield looked as if it was struck with a huge hammer. If it looked that bad, for sure the tricycle the hit it was worse.

After finishing some personal matters at the COOP building, I went back to the bus stop area waiting for a ride back home. It was a smooth ride on the same bus but I couldn’t erase the thought of the possibility that anytime, I or anyone could die in an accident. At the Y-junction areas, few steps from our main gate, two men sudden crossed the street. Even with loud music on my earphone, I could still hear the screeching sound from the brake and the wheels. The guard also yelled at those men. I couldn’t blame the guard for what he did because our lives were almost at stake that moment.

Back to my room, I wondered why I had those experiences. Anytime, anyone could die. That is a hard truth about life. Especially with accidents, we can’t say no to death. Who would have thought that with peace of mind when I left my room, I could have died that day?

Accident is everywhere even in least expected places. Therefore whatever we do and wherever we go, we should never take for granted taking precautions before doing anything.

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