Will Smith New Rap Song with Jaden Smith Fresh Prince of Bel Air Remake

Will & Jaden Smith have taken their father-son show all over the world from Tokyo to Moscow and while promoting their new sci-fi thriller, After Earth, one of the duo’s latest stops was in London, where they delighted fans with a throwback musical reunion on The Graham Norton Show that kicked off a viewing frenzy of this Video Clip.

I’m sure we will be seeing and hearing more of this duet in days to come!

The Movie After Earth is sure to make a truckload of cash for our Mr. Smith and his son, I wonder how young master Jaden is thinking of spending it?

Some Say he is to spoiled, I think he is just lucky having such a great dad!

Please feel free to leave your thoughts.

This Picture was taken earlier this year with all the old cast from the “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air”

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