Women Watch Your Cars

       I have been without a car for almost a year. I had a mechanic look at my car. He told me my motor was locked up and it will cost me $2000.00 to get fixed. He offered to buy my car.

       I have found someone who is helping me with my car. The motor is not locked up. The starter fell off in the guys hand. There was no battery in my car. He had to put in a new fan for my motor.

        I have to say I am shocked. After three days of this guy having my car he brings in back and it runs great. I should have had my car all this time.

        The guy thought he would get a good deal on my car. I love my car and don’t want to sell it. I have had so many arguments with my mother over selling my car.

         This is a ‘91 Camro. It will one day be a collecters item.

          I am here to tell you when you are told something big is wrong with your car. Getting a second opinion can save you a lot of time and money.

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