World Fame 10 Astronomical Aircraft Hangars


What is an Aircraft Hangar?

An aircraft hangar is a steel room designed for aircraft storage. It’s built using steel and other metals and has built-in arch systems, such as the Banyan Steel Arch System.

  • British Aerospace (Hatfield)

This spacious hangar is fire-proof and has its own heating system. It also has fully automated electrical doors and a built-in anemometer. An anemometer is a device used to measure wind speed and direction. It prevents opening the door from opening in case of heavy winds.

  • Dubai International Air Port (U.A.E)

The world’s largest airline-owned hangar is 600 meters wide and 110 meters tall. It is equipped with smoke detectors and smoke and fire detectors.

  • Manston Airport

This large hangar was constructed for aircraft repair and maintenance. The main area of this hangar is 52 meters by 115 meters.

  • Shannon Airport (Ireland)

This hangar was built for Aer Rianta, an airport retail holding and management company that supplies cargo worldwide. It is 76 meters wide and 20 meters tall, with the company administration building located right next to the hangar.

  • Manchester International Airport

This hangar is mainly used for repair and maintenance of airline-owned aircraft. It spans 85 meters in width.

  • Scatsta Airport (Shetland Isles)

This is Scatsta Airport’s dedicated helicopter hangar made of two buildings. It is 7.5 meters tall and 80 meters wide. A small portion of the roof is made of polycarbonate and has factory assembled roof lights for natural light.

  • Biggin Hill Airport (London)

This airport and the accompanying hangar are arguably the most beautiful and stylish in the UK. The hangar has fully automated doors and is completely remote-controlled. Its entrance is 56.9 meters wide and 10.2 meters tall. Its VIP terminal caters to the needs of international clientele.

  • Suvarnabhumi Airport

When it was opened in 2006, Bangkok’s international airport had the biggest commercial airline hangar in the world. It can house even the largest aircraft and provide the highest level of safety and quality. This hangar was made in compliance with all the standards required by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).

Here’s another fun fact: the weight of its roof is 10.000 tones – more than the weight of the entire Eiffel Tower!

  • Lufthansa Technik Malta Triple Arch Span Hangar

This is another hangar that provides aircraft maintenance and repair to clients from all over the world and is a major source of employment. The hangar complex is made of three buildings: two are 90 meters by 90 meters and the third one has a 90 meters by 66 meters total area.

The weight of the doors on this hangar is an impressive 332 tonnes.


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