Your Chance of Wining a Mini Cooper! –

Tire of your old ride and need a new one? Then get this a brand new British classic, a cultural icon, a red carpet star is up for grabs and it’s darn easy. This Mini Cooper is loads of fun to drive and cruz arround in. Never mind the size, its got style and excitement and perfect for city life; great for those motorway miles. ever seen the movie Italian job, wink! Hope u get the drift. This car gets things done faster and even more smoother than those muscle cars you see around. If you are up for a little fun or your up for need for speed and a death wish, then the mini cooper is surely your thing. And all you have to do is register for free and get 5 hot tickets giving you a head start in the draw. Simply register below its free and you just might be on you way to owning this car

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