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Zero Gravity Seats, What The Heck are They?!

Zero Gravity Seats, What The Heck are They?!

The concept of Nissan’s new Zero Gravity seats is explained.

After viewing Nissan’s commercial for the 2013 Altima for the (what felt like) hundreth time I finally caved in to find out what the hell were these “zero gravity seats” that they were touting. What the heck does it even mean? What qualifies a seat as “zero gravity?” Does it have anything to do with the materials used to make the seat? My husband and I took our best guesses and came up stumped. We figured it had to be awesome since the concept had been inspired by NASA. Yes, we’re both total geeks! In my search for the answer I was really hoping that it would be something cool on a molecular level, but I was quickly disappointed.

Imagine you’re floating in space. Just hanging effortlessly… That’s the concept the seats are designed around. According to research by NASA, the human body takes on a specific position when effortlessly floating in space. This position is considered the body’s natural neutral position. It is believed that when the body is in this neutral position there is less stress on all of the joints and muscles involved in keeping the body in an upright seated position. Nissan has used the data from this research to design a seat that causes your body to conform to the neutral position while seated.

My opinion, they created an ergonomically correct seat & a car filled with enough gadgets to distract you from the most important reason for buying it….driving!

Here’s what Nissan says:

Additional info here:


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