Automotive Experts List Cool New Rides Under $18,000


With the average price for a new vehicle passed $ 25,000, it is easy to fall into the trap of believing you have to spend a small fortune to be caught driving something worth writing home. If you are all about impressing your friends, neighbors and co-commuters with the size of your monthly payment, the entry end of the market with a higher concentration of cool cars, trucks and SUVs will be filled as ever.

After compiling a list of all available vehicles was for less than $ 18,000, the editors of Kelley Blue Book’s coolest then the 10. Instead of reporting based on the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended retail price prices (MSRPs), the list on each model’s New Car Blue Book value is based, the price is usually paid by buyer on the market. Your actual payment will be determined by the down payment on the vehicle and the financing rate.

The Top 10 coolest new cars under $ 18,000


• Toyota Yaris with a long history as a best seller in Europe, emigrated to the Toyota Yaris in the U.S. as the least expensive vehicle in the Toyota lineup. Sporting unusually cool styling, Toyota quality and 34/city and 40/highway MPG rating, the Yaris’ value more than exceeds its under-$ 12,000 starting price.


• Scion xB The xB has proven to us that these days, it’s cool to be square. Not only does his record-sided styling set it apart, but its boxy dimensions also mean that small and fuel-efficient vehicle is a surprisingly spacious tug of persons and property.


• Dodge Caliber Caliber changes the small-car game by filling a larger, more flexible interior with a way-cool features like an air-conditioned storage space for drinks cold, rear speakers that flip-down project outward from the open tailgate to keep , a 110-volt outlet for powering small electronics and a self-loading flashlight.


• Kia Sportage-When buying your first SUV, bang-for-the-Buck is a very cool thing to find. Prices, which is for the Kia Sportage almost fun when you include a sunroof, a great stereo and a tire pressure monitoring receive all for under $ 16,500.


• Chevrolet HHR, as cool as the 1940s-style exterior, the Chevrolet HHR equally cool for its efficient use of space and worthwhile features like remote start and the increasingly requisite iPod connector. It has ability like a compact SUV tow, but it drives like a car.


• Ford Fusion Size does matter, so getting a well-furnished, modern mid-size sedan with the spaciousness and comfort of the new Fusion is cool. Even better is the unexpected level of equipment for the price, including remote keyless entry, tilt wheel and cruise control.


• Nissan Frontier Utility is in, and nothing is more utilitarian than a pickup. The Frontier secures its sharp styling with excellent ride and handling.

• Available as a hatchback or Mazda3 sedan, the Mazda3 is a clever double blow to the compact car segment. We can not decide which model we like better, but arrest the combination of fine driving dynamics, upscale interior and looks make this a “cool cars” list repeater.


• Honda Civic You know how U2 were cool, then in the mid 90s they were not so cool, and they are now as it ever cool? Now, the Civic has a parallel path to his stature as arguably the finest ever built small car and once again gone cold again.


• Scion tC If you cool enough to estimate it, deliver the smooth styling and fashionable features of the TC Lexus-like technology in an affordable package. This year was from the improved audio features, including steering wheel gauges and iPod connectivity.


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