Buying a Used Car

Foremost, always recall to keep your eyes & ears open, when talking to someone about a used automobile. Make sure to ask plenty of questions.

To compare, think of buying a automobile as a game of poker, the seller is your opponent they may be bluffing they may not, but as you would at a poker room in a casino you must try to read the seller like you would in a poker room in a casino.

In a casino you are risking your money, in hopes of getting a giant return, but when buying a automobile you need to get your moneys worth, you need a automobile that will be reliable & dependable. You do not need a automobile that wont start on chilled days or that stalls until its been walking for a half hour.

Make sure to check the undercarriage & under the hood for rust. To a automobile rust is like cancer. If rust is found it will spread unless it is cut off & replaced. Under the automobile & in the engine compartment you will find some rust it is only natural, but you will need to resurface it. This means if you take a wire brush to the rusted area you will brush off the rust & get to neat metal.

Next make sure to check the body of the automobile, for waves & any bubbling in the paint, this would indicate that the automobile was in an accident or some rust was incorrectly repaired. It is not uncommon for someone selling a automobile to have rust spots sanded down & painted over to give the automobile a fresh look, but what will happen is after a month or two the paint will start to bubble as the metal begins to rust again.

Next, look at the motor & mechanical parts under the hood of the automobile. The engine should be relatively neat from motor oil. If you see giant buildups of oil in an area then chances are a head gasket will need to be replaces because of an oil leak.

All electrical & rubber parts should be checked for cracks. Cracks in rubber parts means that the rubber is elderly & dried out & will probably need to be replaced finally.

Make sure to ask the owner if they is all the receipts for any work that has been done to the vehicle.

Another important piece of advice is to make sure to take the automobile for a test drive. Do not be afraid to drive the automobile a slightly hard manner with the owner and you in the automobile, chances are they will understand. If they object then perhaps there is something with the automobile they are trying to hide & you ought to move on to another automobile.

Plenty of people will tell you that buying a used automobile is a bet but if you take a proper look at each automobile, & not get impulsive to buy, you can remove any bet & guarantee yourself a jackpot of a automobile.

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