Car Buying Experience

So here I am trying to buy a new Toyota for my uncle, who wants to add some of the features to the car that don’t come in standard package. He went online to the official Toyota website and built it there. After that you would think that the rest of it is easy: just go to the dealership, order the package that you want and wait. I thought so too, but the life proved me wrong.

I walked into the first Toyota dealership full of hopes, that everything will be nice and easy, but the moment I started to explain what I’m looking for and that I actually made the car on the website, the guy just started to laugh at my face: no, man – he goes – there is no way for us to make it this way! So here is the question: why would you make such a website, if you can’t buy what you just built? Just for entertainment purposes? I have no idea if the salesman was just somebody, who just got hired from Wall-Mart and doesn’t know anything about Toyota, or what? Anyway, I figured that I’ll just go ahead and call the manufacturer straight. Man, what a challenge that was!!!

Not to mention, that you have to wait for ,like, forever, the representatives there are treating you like you came to ask them for a huge favor by buying their car and when you start to explain what do you want, they act like they don’t understand what are you talking about.Anyway, after a while the only thing they’ve told me was that I have to go to the dealership and work on every issue that I might have with them.

In conclusion, the only thing that I have to say is that I never thought, that buying a car will be such a battle, but the saddest thing of all is that if one of the largest car makers in the world have such customer service, what kind of help will you get from the smaller manufacturers?

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