Cars in Iowa City, a Guide to Car Buying in Iowa City!


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There many choices for cars in Iowa city.  You can buy a honda , Toyota ,  ford ,  or Chevy.   You decide the best car for you and your family.  Japanese made cars seem to be the most popular cars in Iowa city and the nation overall.  Although recently Japanese cars have been having technical issues that make them seem less appealing to consumers.  Toyota are good cars but if you have seen in the media , Toyota have been having brake pedal issues and that can be right down dangerous.   Although this can be seen as a setback and lower consumer confidence in Toyota cars,  consumers still have a lot of faith in Toyota as good reliable cars.  You have to keep in mind as well that the Toyota cars that have been having issues
are the newer model.  People always assume that anything new is always better but that’s not always true and that’s holds very true for cars as well. Being a long time resident of Iowa city ,  I can say with confidence that older cars seem to be more reliable and more popular here.  Although you will have the young kids who love to drive flashy cars and are concerned with the outside look of the car instead of what is inside.  Sure when you paint a car with all types of fancy colors and flashy signs and in some cases tats , it looks cool.  That doesn’t mean that it will hold up over the long run and be reliable.    For me Japanese cars are the most reliable although lately Honda and Toyota have been under fire for mechanically  malfunctions.   Even with all the bad media press for Honda and Toyota , I still think that they are the most reliable cars in Iowa city and the nation overall.  I myself love Toyota and will only buy Toyota if I had the chance.

If you ask me about fords ,  I would say that they are the worse cars in the face of the planet.   Maybe it’s just the Taurus  but I know a guy who has a ford Taurus and he changed the engine on that thing two times and it been having problems non-stop.  Among fords problems are design problems as well,  the ford fusion came apart for some consumers, I mean literally came apart.   That is just sad, ford should seriously change their design strategy or become a part of Toyota or Honda.  Now I am not bashing all American made cars.  Chevy is a solid American made car.   I had a Chevy caprice a while ago and it ran very well.  It had a solid engine and its brakes were very strong.  The Chevy lumina is another good American made car that doesn’t have a lot of problems.  Buick are good cars as well,  I don’t know if it’s an American made car or a German made car.  Anyway they are very solid cars.   Dodge are bad cars as well.  Although some brands are good such as the dodge Omani ,  I know it’s very old but it’s very solid.   Pontiac seem to be very popular with the college kids in Iowa City.   I don’t like Pontiac as cars because they have bad engines.   A   car with a bad engine is a really bad car.  I prefer a car with a solid engine and car that has very few mechanically issues.   That’s why I like Japanese cars because they have a solid engine and very few mechanical issues just regular maintenance.    

Not to mention also that Japanese made cars are very gas efficient, meaning they use the least gas while being driven.  When I owned a Toyota , I know that I spend the least amount of money on gas.   They also save you money on the long run because they don’t have a lot of mechanical issues and that save you money on repairs.  All you have to worry about is maintenance and that should not be very much if you follow the maintenance schedule.  Buick come second in my because they have the least amount of mechanically problems and that saves money.  They are also good on gas.  The Chevy lumina seem to be good on gas but not all Chevy are gas efficient cars.   The new fords seem to be gas efficient but fords have a bad reputation ,  so it will have to be a subjective thing.  Personally I don’t trust Fords because I or people I know had bad experiences with Ford cars.   The dodge Omani is very gas efficient but I don’t know about other
dodge cars. 

In conclusion ,  the decision to owning is up to you.  I am simply giving you my two cents on which car I think is the best car to own.   You might also ask who am I to give such advice.  I am happy to introduce myself,  my name is Geoff Emmel and a state insurance agent in Iowa City.    I look forward to your
feedback on this article by calling my office at (319) 354-1400 or visit .

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