Choosing The Right Car

  1. Purpose of Your New Car

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    Choosing your new car depends on many things, and one of those that are particularly important is the purpose for which the car will be used. It is pointless to buy a convertible if you want to take your three children to school every morning or doing the shopping, and likewise, there would be very little point in buying an MPV if you want something that you can take the roof off when you are on holiday. Determining the purpose for your car is in my opinion the first step in determining what your next car should be.

  2. Your Budget

While most people would consider this the most important factor as you cannot spend beyond the cash you have or beyond what you are willing to spend, it is not as important as what you will be using the car for, as deciding on what you will use the car for should give you some idea as to what you will be able to get for your buck. If you do not have a budget in mind, I would recommend that you give yourself a smaller budget than normal, as with the current financial climate there are quite a few offers to be had. Many businesses will sell you a car with a discount attached if you bargin hard enough. When you have set yourself a budget, do try to stick to it, otherwise you can end up spending a lot more than you originally intended without gaining very much at all.

  • Fuel

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    This is something that you will need to decide at almost the same time as deciding the purpose of your new car. Some people make this decision based on what they are used to, some make the decision based of the price at the pump, and others make the decision based on the fuel economy that the car can provide given the different fuels available on the market. Of course some people ensure that they use the greenest option that is financially viable. Using so-called Eco-fuels has many advantages as many councils, governments, and states will provide some incentives for those that use them.

  • Type of Vehicle

    Even through you have hopefully resolved the purpose for your car, you may still be presented with many different types of car that you can choose from. Make this decision based on what you feel you will be most comfortable in.

  • Once you have made the relevant decisions that will be presented by following these points, you will be in a much better position to decide on what your next car purchase will be.

    So what do you think? What other things do you look at when you are deciding on your next car? Is colour the most important thing for your car?

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