Great Picks for Your First Car

Getting your first car is an extremely exciting time.  The world of driving and cars is now yours to explore!  Yet with so many different types of cars out on the road how do you even know where to begin your search?  Below are some guidelines to help you determine what’s the best bet for you and your situation.

Obviously the first thing you need to consider is your spending range.  There are cars for any budget, but obviously you’re going to be getting different things for different amounts of money.  With some smart research, you can find some great deals on used (and privately owned/no dealers) cars.  Many people tend to think that buying off a private seller is buying someone elses headaches.  Of course there are exceptions to everything, and people who say such a thing have obviously ha RWDd a bad experience in the past.  Don’t let this affect you and how you search.  Keep your options open.  Keep in mind private sellers can tell you more about the car in a personal manner than a dealer can. 

Consider where you live.  If you live somewhere like Connecticut or Vermont, it will not make sense to buy a rear-wheel drive car, especially if the car is going to be needed in the snow.  Yes, you can buy snow tires and whatnot, but it truly is not a safe bet.  If this is your situation, stick with rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, or front-wheel drive.  Obviously 4×4 (four-wheel drive) and AWD are the better bets of the three, but FWD is still safer than RWD.  It may be beneficial to research this topic more to get a better understanding.

Consider how you’ll learn with this car.  It does not make much sense to buy something brand new if you’ve never driven before.  Let’s be honest; as a new driver you are going to make mistakes.  I am not saying you will get into an accident but you may not be at a skill level to keep the in showroom condition.  This also does not mean buy a piece of garbage.  Look for a good deal on something used, that’s as close to new condition as possible.  But do not spend money on something that will depreciate fast, especially if you know minor accidents that come with learning to drive, may happen.  This is a case where you should think worse-case-scenario.

Determining how often the car will be used is important too.  Sometimes dings and dents will not be your fault.  If you know the car is going to be parked in a garage with a lot of other people who may be careless, then why spend your money on something that is literally brand new?  These are important things to consider.  Keep in mind that this is only your first car.  It is important and a milestone, but things will happen; your fault or not.

Below are some specific car suggestions with some information about each.  All are within an average spending range and meant to just be a guideline!

Audi A4/A6
These two cars are a good bet if you need AWD.  Be careful with older ones that are over 60,000 miles.  Make sure they have had their services. Depending on your spending range, you can determine how old of a model may be suitable for you.  Obviously the brand new ones are quite expensive and not reasonable for a first car.  Consider years 2003

Ford Explorer
4×4 and very dependable.  Many models and years to choose from.  Choose an Explorer Sport if you only need two doors.

Toyota 4Runner
Also 4×4 and very dependable.  They hold their value extremely well, but there are ones to be had that are reasonable priced.

Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, or Pontiac Firebird/Trans Am
If weather doesn’t affect you, you can get a RWD car.  These are more difficult to drive, so it’s better if you have some sort of experience before getting into the more serious versions of these cars which are 8 cylinders and have more power.  You need to be careful with these cars, and all RWD cars in the rain. If you’re not, they may spin out, even with traction control.

There are many other cars out there to serve your needs well.  Doing research on specific cars is a must.  No matter what you’re looking for, there surely is something out there that can be everything you need!

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