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Honda Odyssey Achieves Top Safety Pick 2011

Honda Odyssey Achieves Top Safety Pick 2011

Premium CAR Honda Odyssey MPV which is marketed in the U.S. reached the highest degrees to the level of safety in the Top Safety Pick 2011. Honda Odyssey was chosen to be the most safest family car after passing rangakaian trials conducted by the Insurance Intitute for Highway Safety.

All cars are tested in the assessment of Top Safety Pick 2011 has passed a series of crash test test starting from the front, side and rear as well, and the most extreme is the crash test to tumble.

Honda Odyssey is considered to have added value in the testing process because the premium MPV Honda cars are equipped with stability control as a passive safety device.

Safety features found on the Honda Odyssey include technology framework of G-CON (G-Force Control Technology) which can distribute and dampen a great impact in a crash for passenger safety, keeping the cabin remains safe and intact.

Honda Odyssey is also equipped by the ACE (Advanced Compatibility Engineering) which is a leading design frame structure that is able to provide comprehensive protection to the passenger cabin while colliding with vehicles of different sizes.

In addition to the ACE + G-CON, the Honda Odyssey is also equipped with pedestrian protection features, which is the protection of pedestrians when the accident occurred through a variety of sophisticated components that will absorb impact energy, one more thing that seatbelt with pretensioner and load limiter.

Serves to hold and pretensioner seatbelt during an impact, while the load limiter serves to reduce excess pressure on the chest so the body just falls over when the airbags inflate. Honda Odyssey is also equipped by Dual Front SRS Airbag & I-I-SRS Side airbags plus side curtain airbags on each side.

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