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Buying a Car Without The One-off Payment

When advertising a new car, companies will always try to get the value across to potential buyers. The truth is, no matter how much you're getting for the price quoted, the figure required is still …

He Faces This Yamaha Gt Soul

Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) launched the second injection scooter, GT Soul.This macho style automatic motorcycles plotted to target men who want to be different.
President Barack Obama delivers remarks on fuel efficiency standards for 2017-2025 model year cars and light-duty trucks during an event at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C., July 29, 2011.  Seated behind the President are at left are auto industry executives and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. (Official White House Photo by Samantha Appleton)

Used Cars Most Targeted Obama

Big name Barack Obama as president of the United States appears to have no question. Even for a used car business though, among the various leaders of the world today, Obama used car is the …

Give BMW Toyota Diesel Engines

Tokyo, Frankfurt - two major car manufacturer Toyota Motor Corp. and BMW AG seems to be working together to build a car. BMW will give Toyota a series of diesel engines.