The Four Ways to Sell a Car


Ever wondered how to sell a car? Here are four ways you can do it.

Private sale

This is the most popular way. It involves placing an ad for your car and letting people come to your home to check it out.

  • Pros

This is the easiest way to negotiate the best price for your car.

  • Cons

You have to invest a considerable amount of time to write the ad, upload photos, arrange times when people can come to your home. Also, you have to give out some private information, such as your phone number and street address. Even though today you can  Google everything, many people still feel uneasy about this.


A trade-in involves going to a used car dealer and trading in your old car for a better model.

  • Pros

You don’t waste time on arranging meetings and dealing with no shows.

  • Cons


The next way is going to a car auction and selling your car there, directly to the person who comes up with the best offer.

  • Pros

You don’t have to invest as much effort in being a salesperson. Also, there are many potential buyers at auctions. If you have a fairly decent car, chances are you’ll have people overbidding each other in no time.

  • Cons

Going to an auction as a seller also comes with a couple of overhead expenses, such as an entry fee and a commission you’ll have to pay to the auction house.


Consignment involves “giving over” your car to a salesperson working in a used car salon and letting them handle the sales.

  • Pros

The obvious pro here is you have a professional salesperson working for you, meaning you don’t have to deal with the sales directly.

  • Cons

You’ll have to pay a commission fee to the salesperson and the salon.


Choose a way that best fits your needs, whether it’s truly getting your money’s worth or completing the sale as quickly as possible.


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