The Four Ways to Sell a Car


The four ways to sell a car, and their pros and cons.

The most popular way to sell a car is by private sale.  This is where you place an ad in a classifieds or on a noticeboard advertising your car, and people come to your home to check out your car.

The pro is that this is usually the best way to get top price for your car.

The cons are that you have to advertise your phone number, take phone calls, have strangers come to your home, deal with no shows, and negotiate face to face – that last bit is the hardest for most people. Not everyone is a natural salesperson.

The second most common way to sell a car is by trade in at the car yard.  You take your car and trade it in on a better model (in most cases).

The pros are this is by far the fastest and easiest way.

The cons are you will get less than what you would if you sold it privately.

The next way is by auction.  You take your car to a car auction and sell it there.

The pros are it is fast and easy, you don’t have to be a salesperson, nobody comes to your home and you don’t deal with phone calls or no shows.

The cons are you won’t get the best price for your car, you’ll be charged an entry fee to the auction, and you also have to pay a commission to the auction house upon sale of your car.

The least common way to sell a car is by consignment.  This is where a car yard sells your car for you.

The pro is this is an easy way to sell the car, it’s sold by professional car salespersons.

The con is you won’t get anywhere near what you’d get by private sale as the car yard will take a cut.

One of these four ways to sell a car will suit you better than the others .. only you, the reader, can decide.


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