Tyreland Uk – an Independent Review


At my recent service my dealer advised me that my front two tyres were becoming worn and would need replacing in the next couple of months. That was fair enough as I’d had the car for a few years and had never replaced the tyres on it.

The question for me was where should I go to have my tyres replaced. I wanted to pick a company that would offer me a good service at a reasonable price. I looked online at a number of places and finally opted for Tyreland UK who operate in the South of England and are easily recognised by their bright yellow corporate colours.

So I left work early and drove to my nearest outlet, it was a Friday afternoon and I was hoping it wouldn’t be very busy. The branch I chose to go to was easily signposted with clear designation for customers to park up in. I walked up to the office and was greeted politely by the gentleman on the counter. He asked me how he could help and I explained that at my service they advised I replace the front two tyres as they were getting near to the legal limit for tread. He walked outside with me and examined the tyres. He checked both the rear and front ones before marking diagrams down on his board. He then chatted with me about his findings.

It was explained that I did need two new tyres on the front, the rear tyres were fine and didn’t need replacing. He also explained that it looked by the wear on the tyres that my tracking may be out of sync. They would check the tracking for free and if it needed re-synching it would cost an extra £28. The two tyres for the front replacing like for like would come in at £50 each so the total I would pay would be £128 including VAT. I thought that was fairly reasonable based on other quotes I’d found online and agreed for the work to be carried out then and there.

The chap then showed me into the waiting room and said that I could help myself to a tea or coffee from the vending machine whilst I waited. The waiting area was clean with fairly comfortable chairs facing a large widescreen television which was showing the lates Wimbledon match. I grabbed a coffee and settled down to watch the television.

I was waiting about 30 minutes for them to change the tyres and correct the tracking. Once completed it was a simple process of paying by card and with my keys in hand I could then drive off, safe in the knowledge that my tyres were now

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