What Car Should I Buy?

There are thousands of car make and models out there that even if I narrow it down to a specific model, there is still a dozen or so of body styles and different engines to choose from. Seriously, buying a car takes a lot of thinking and rethinking. The funny thing is, actually buying the car is often easier than deciding what, when, where to buy in the first place.

This being said, I listed down some of the things I will consider in deciding the perfect car for me.

  1. Size. How many people will I need to fit in the car?
  2. Practicality. Do I need my car to be fast, fuel efficient, safe? All of the above?
  3. Emotional Attachment. I need a car I can enjoy riding, cleaning or simply looking.
  4. Price. Ask for quotes before deciding to buy it. Shop around first and do not settle for “recommended retail price”. In short, haggle.
  5. Other Benefits. Includes the ready ability to trade-in your old car, insurance policies, etc.

Dealing with car dealers can be exhausting, but I guess, not if you go in with a clear understanding of your needs – and your rights.

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