What Kind of Car Should I Get? Easy

Short Answer: Honda

Reliability- Honda’s are one of the most reliable cars on the market. My own has never left me stranded. Even if they break, (witch doesn’t happen that often), it will at least get you home.

Gas Mileage- This is an easy one, 30+mpg

Cheap Parts- Honda parts run really cheap, and since there are so many of them they’re easy to find.

Easy To Work On- If you work on your own car, a Honda can be a dream. You don’t need any special tools to work on them and most of the time if you need to change something you can do it as its sits. You don’t have to take a lot of parts off to get to it.

Compadablilty- Engine blown in your Honda? Easy fix. Any Honda engine can go in almost any shell with little to no mods.

Performance- Honda’s are easy to boost power with. There are many performance parts out there for them.

Handling- Not only do they already handle like a dream, if you throw some skunk2 suspension mods you’ll have no problem going around corners going 80+mph.

Social- Many people have Honda’s. You can go up to a lot of people and start a conversation about swaps and mods for them. People often also hold Honda meets in which you can attend.

Customization- Sooo many customization parts

They’re Amazing

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