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Young man mechanical worker repairing an old vintage car body in messy garage - Safety at work with protection wear

Auto Repairs for Beginners: A Safety Guide

You should never attempt repairs on a slanted or uneven surface, as the vehicle could roll and seriously injure you or someone else. If you have a sloping driveway, it’s not the ideal location for …

Changing The Oil in Your Car

Without oil, the moving parts in your engine soon would seize from friction or wear out. The oil never wears out, but it becomes contaminated with particles from burned gases and abrasive dirt in the …

The Importance of Vehicle Maintenance

Change the oil in the schedule recommended by your service provider. This is usually every 3000 miles, but is up about 4,000 miles does not severely affect the performance of your vehicle.

Ironhead 1979 To 1983 Clutch Adjustment

An Ironhead Sportster is just like any other automobile on the road. It has a clutch mecanism that allows one to make the engine stop pushing the rear wheel along. This is how the clutch …

Fixing a Motorcycle Brake Lamp

A motorcycle brake lamp is important to have working on your motorcycle. If your brake light is broken, you can be ticketed in all states for an improperly functioning vehicle. More importantly, though, an improperly …

Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters are used to cut down the amount of harmful exhaust gases released into the atmosphere through the car's exhaust.

Ignition and Fuel Systems

The ignition system creates the sparks which are used to ignite the fuel/air mixture on a petrol engine (diesel engines don't have an ignition system). The ignition coil uses low-voltage electricity from the battery to …

Oil Cooler Engine

All engines require a cooling system which is provided by the radiator system containing water. However, high-performance oil cooler is used in competitive motor sports, and in vehicles whose engines have to work hard to …