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Car Care: Bulb Replacement for Brake, Tail, Turn Signal, and Backup Light

Car Care: Bulb Replacement for Brake, Tail, Turn Signal, and Backup Light

Step-by-step instructions on how to quickly change a tail, brake, turn signal, or backup light bulb for a standard automotive vehicle.

Each of the lights on your car is for safety. This may seem obvious, but consider how often you see someone driving with a taillight out. In fact, these important lights are often overlooked. Many people do not replace them until they are ticketed, and looking to avoid the fine. It only takes a short time to inspect all the lights on your vehicle.

Take five minutes and check your lights. If you have a dead lamp, you should replace it as soon as possible. The last thing anyone wants is a ticket or an incident because you were lazy about checking your car lights.

The lights of your vehicle are behind lenses. In most vehicles they are all in groupings, but some vehicles may have separate lens assemblies. Whichever setup your vehicle has for its brake, tail, turn signal, and backup lights, this same procedure appliesfor replacing them.

To start, it is necessary to remove the lens housing from the body of the car. Usually a Phillips-head screwdriver is necessary for this as screws will be holding it in place. Keep the screws you remove somewhere safe so you do not lose them.

Once you have the screws safely stored, you can remove the bulb and any assembly out from the hole. Wires will not allow youto remove it very far, but you do not need much distance to perform the replacement. Be sure not to pull the wiring too hard as you don’t want to add a wiring replacement job too.

The bulbs in your tail light assembly should have a plug that holds them in place. Follow the wires to the back of the light you are replacing. You want to turn the bulb holder that those wires lead to and pull it out.

Your bulb either pulls straight out of the holder or requires a small twist before you can pull it out. Remove the bulb, put the new one in, and reassemble.

Vehicle light bulb replacement may be a little menacing when first approaching it but it really is a fairly simple and quick job that shouldn’t take much of your time, even if this is your first time trying it. Taking a little time to replace a burned out bulb on your vehicle could save you a ticket or even save a life.

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