How to Decrease Car Cabin Heat


For those of you who like to modify the car, of course, you will be happy if the car you have to have a certain visual appeal to others. But whether you realize that sometimes a car that has been modified often uncomfortable for the ride, because some things such as the suspension is hard and uncomfortable at all, cabin heat is too high or even sound an audible biasing go up into the car cabin .

Maybe for some people, who are not comfortable because the suspension has been modified in such a way that is understandable and can be felt still very reasonable. And possible noise from the engine or exhaust noise is partly due to his voice into the car using racing exhaust that produces great sound is still tolerated. But if the temperature is hot and you can understand, too high? Maybe I do not think so. The high temperature inside the car cabin is because a lot of things, whether caused by sunlight, and other factors.

Did you know that high car cabin temperature can be harmful to health as well as much of an effect to your vehicle’s fuel consumption?

Car cabin temperature that high can increase the risk of brain damage, especially to children and adolescents. Furthermore the fuel consumption will increase due to your vehicle air conditioner work extra hard to bring it down.

But there are some things you can do to reduce the cabin temperature is too hot cars, it includes:

  1. Choose the color of the exterior and interior car that does not absorb too hot, try to choose bright colors. This is because dark colors absorb heat properties.
  2. Use window film that mamapu reject heat. This is because if the vehicle you use window film that has anti-UV and heat, the temperature in your car’s cabin is much reduced because of the glass film is certainly able to resist heat and ultra violet rays are harmful to humans.
  3. Use a heat resistant carpet in the car cabin is located close to the machine, it is intended that a high engine heat does not spread into the car cabin.
  4. Use warm soaks the carpet on the floor so that the heat from asphalt roads do not go in and helped raise the temperature inside the car cabin.

Those are some suggestions and tips from me so that your vehicle was colder and certainly increase your comfort in driving.

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