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How to Pass Your Driving Test the First Time

How to Pass Your Driving Test the First Time

Learner drivers may spend weeks, months or even years trying to perfect their driving technique so that they can qualify to take their practical driving test.

Passing the written test is the first hurdle that needs to be overcome. Once that is out of the way, it is important to concentrate closely on the skills required to drive competently. Driving examiners can be quite strict in their criteria that they are looking out for, but they cannot pass a learner driver if they find too many faults during the driving test.

Dealing with nerves

Taking your driving test can be very nerve racking. Even before you sit down behind the wheel you may start to feel your heart racing. This is a normal reaction, and not one that has to get in the way of the test. Make sure you arrive at the test centre in good time, so that you will have time to compose yourself. Take a few deep breaths and have a drink of water. Driving examiners will usually be sympathetic to your feelings, as they see reaction quite often in their line of work. Some allow students a moment or two to compose themselves before the test begins. If you are offered this opportunity, take it. Nerves usually subside after the test has started.

Obey traffic laws

During the test, the driving examiner will expect the learner driver to obey traffic laws at all times. That means wearing a seatbelt, obeying speed limits, and alerting other drivers to their intentions. They must also allow a safe following distance and not drive aggressively on someone’s bumper in an effort to encourage them to drive faster.


The most important thing to focus on during the driving test is the test itself. That means any personal, financial or emotional problems must be left at home. A driver who allows other concerns to overshadow their driving test could easily be distracted and cause a collision. It only takes a split second of dazing off into space, rather than the road ahead, to get into such a situation. View the test as an opportunity to shine as an exemplary driver.

Be positive

It is true to say that learner drivers who have a positive attitude are more likely to pass than pessimistic people. You need to get into the car thinking of how you will prove you can drive well. If this is your first driving test, you will probably not know the driving examiner sitting beside you. As a stranger, they are impartial. You must prove to them from one drive that you are ready to pass your test. All the other smooth rides you have had will not count for anything if you cannot deliver on the day of the test. This knowledge may help you to make a good impression as you drive.

Be aware of other drivers

Learn to actually look at the road ahead and be aware of what other drivers are doing in front and behind you. If someone is trying to overtake you, do not speed up and impede their manoeuvre. This could become very dangerous, as they struggle to move back into the normal flow of traffic. It is also very inconsiderate and will not endear you to the driving examiner. Let others drive as they see fit. If they wish to speed, then allow them to do so. It is your responsibility to drive well and courteously. You should not tell others how to drive and certainly not during your test!

Use of the horn

Using the horn during a driving test is not usually advisable. The proper use of the horn is to alert other road users of your presence. For example, if a car is reversing quickly and is about to hit your car, the horn would be appropriate to inform the driver that you are right behind them. But the horn is often abused and used aggressively by drivers. Resist the urge to use the horn during your driving test, unless absolutely necessary.


Do not attempt to tell pedestrians what to do during your driving test. For example, if you see a young child trying to cross a busy road, do not blow the horn and wave the child across. The correct procedure would be to slow down and see what the child intends to do. If they continue to stand on the side of the road, do not interfere with their decision. It is very bad practice for drivers to ever try and tell pedestrians what to do. How would you feel if a pedestrian stopped your car and told you how to drive?

Do not feel intimidated

Learner drivers should stay focused on the driving test and do their best to obey each and every command that the driving instructor gives them. Driving examiners can seem intimidating when all they do is give directions, without striking up a conversation. But the reason they remain silent is to allow you to concentrate fully on the test and to not be distracted in any way. It is the same concept that is used when taking any kind of written exam. So do not feel intimidated by the stranger sitting beside you with a clipboard. They want to see you pass your test, as well as you do. If you have had plenty of opportunities to practice your driving technique, are a careful and skilful driver, then you stand a good chance of passing your driving test first time.

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79 Responses and Counting...

  1. kelly

    May 03, 2007

    thanks for the advise hope it works lol

  2. Chris

    May 03, 2007

    Thanks, it’s reasuring :)

  3. John

    May 03, 2007

    Good stuff!!

  4. Lindsay

    May 03, 2007

    this gives me much confidence. thanks!!

  5. Emily

    May 03, 2007

    thanks for helping! good ideas..

  6. Rebecca

    May 03, 2007

    Thanks! This helped me calm my nerves a bit. :)

  7. Jackie

    May 03, 2007

    i think this will work or at least i hope so and if i can say something dont listen to what those other people say like ” you will never pass ” just tune those people it helps if you dont listen

  8. maya

    May 03, 2007

    i have drive test in a few days and someone told me i dont know how to drive yet. that sucks but after reading this and jackie’s comment, i regain composure. to all the new/learner drivers including myself, we rock! thanks!

  9. liza

    May 03, 2007

    I went for my liscense a few days ago and i failed. i felt awful. but reading your piece helped me regain my confidence to go try it again! I have full confidence that i will pass this time because i know what to expect~

  10. lauren

    May 03, 2007

    i have failed my driving test 4 times my last test woz just under a year ago reading this has gave me my confidence back to go and do it all again hopefully 5th time lucky. thanks

  11. Ben

    May 03, 2007

    I have my test in an hour and I really hope I pass, thanks this has been helpfull, it has calmed my nerves.

  12. jessica

    May 03, 2007

    i have failed my driving test twice and i feel so bad i really want to get my licence….and it sucks, but im going to keep trying and hopfuly i will get it next time. now i know what to expect, but i get reall nervous, and that makes it harder, so remember to not get to anxious and try to keep calm, and if you make a mistake dont worry about it, even if you fail youll be closer to passing and being a better driver.

    thanx for the help

  13. lucy

    May 03, 2007

    have test tomrrow i reali hope i pass more than any thing.. this helped thxs wish me luck xx

  14. kay

    May 03, 2007

    i’ve got my test on monday after failing 1st test a month ago, i’m really nervous but it is true that nerves disappear once you start driving. really hope i do it this time and reading this has made me feel better knowing that examiner expecting compitence not perfection x

  15. shenny

    May 03, 2007

    im going for my test 2nd time soon as i failed test a few months ago,i only got 6 minor faults and failed on 2 serious on wich i did 41 in a 30 mph speed limit & examiner caught me out when he said take the next avalible right of wich turned out to b a no entry road so al was to late so be careful the examiners try to catch u out i was so gutted as i had 20 mins left of the test when i did these mistakes whatever happens dont give up,it took me 4 times to pass the theory aswell !!!!!!!

  16. gemma

    May 03, 2007

    i have taken my test before and failed as i was scared of the examiner and thought he was ignerant as he didnt talk but know i understand thank you for who ever set this site up as it has made me understand……………….

  17. sarah

    May 03, 2007

    I have my driving test this afternoon and i am soooo nervous! I know i am a good driver, but my nerves can get the better of me. I will try to remember what has been written to remain calm, and remember the examiner is not the enemy, they want you to pass as mch as we do!!!

  18. Quang

    May 03, 2007

    I just failed my test for the second time and I feel like the worst driver in the world. I passed the place that I messed up on last time, only to be thwarted by a multilane one way street. But thanks for the advice, it helps.

  19. Nick nacks

    May 03, 2007

    reading these comments really cheared me up. its funny because i think i’m a good driver and i am looking to pass first time beacause i am staying possitive and i have not rushed this. its important to remain safe and have confidence in yourself that you can do it. i know i can. lol. everyone just take it easy , like the text says calm down. to me failing would usually be the end of the world, but after reading some comment i’ve realised i’m only closer to passing. but i will pass . thanks for reading

  20. Bouncer

    May 03, 2007

    i am going for mine tomorow, my instructor doesnot have faith in me whatsoever, he says theres no way i can drive, i was really upset and down for the past few days, but me being a Bouncer , i have gained this strong feeling to proof him wrong.it helped to bounce back , and now i am determined to show my skill. thank you for the info, it really helps.

  21. Johnny

    May 03, 2007

    I havent taken a test yet but im gonna set up a date on monday. i wish i could do it now but, its the weekend. i am very nervous cause ive only driven twice before. but reading this has helped me alot into understanding what to do. and i didnt even think about the pedestrian crossing. thats a good thing to kno. i hope i pass first time out but, dont we all. well, scheduling test on monday. if i pass or fail, i will come back and leave a comment. thanx a bunch> Johnny

  22. Ciara

    May 03, 2007

    I’ve failed the test 4 times this past summer and it really sucked because I had to start all over and get my temps again. But I recently bought a brand new car and got a nice job and I really need my license now. Im soo nervous about taking the test over (which is tomorrow) but after reading this, you’ve helped me feel a little more at ease because im panicking! lol

  23. Kim

    May 03, 2007

    I have my test on wednesday! I am brickin it!!! 1st test that I will be taking so, please keep your fingers crossed for me guys!!! i know I’m a good driver, I am just so nervous! wish me luck, I will keep you posted!!!! x

  24. Kelly

    May 03, 2007

    I’ve got my driving test tomorrow and it doesn’t help when I’ve got it in the busy time of day either. I’m hoping the traffic will hold me up slightly lol. I’m pretty nervous though, this is my first time and i know the point of the test is to drive safely and show control of a car. I’m worried I’ll just do something stupid, but we’ll see eyy

  25. Rob

    May 03, 2007

    I have my test tommorow (New years eve, what a night it will be if I pass! ha ha!),

  26. louise

    May 03, 2007

    Ihave my test on thursday 10.44 im soo nervous any suggestions i have been taking calms but they not working x

  27. Moi

    May 03, 2007

    after 31 lessons (began Sept end 08), I passed my practical driving test first time round on 6 Jan 08.

    The tips given above by Soph are crucial. I would also suggest an exercise which may help (it did for me):

    - treat each lesson with your instructor as a would-be test; this ensures that you make the most of every lesson

    - before the test, the day before even, imagine you’re simply the vehicle and whoever/ whatever you believe in as a source of life is driving/ steering the wheel of the car on the test. Maintain and let go of any emotional fears and surrender completely.

    It worked for me! I only had three minors on the day! YOU CAN DO IT TOO.

    All the best.

  28. emma beck

    May 03, 2007

    i’ve got my first driving test soon. this made me feel more at ease about it, thanks.

  29. Nick

    May 03, 2007

    I’ve got my test tomorrow, so nervous but i have a bit of confidence, its reassuring to know im not the only one who’s scared stiff. Thankyou.

  30. Nick

    May 03, 2007

    Me again. Somehow I passed my test first time! i owe it to my instructor Keith and the really nice guy assessing me. I honestly thought I failed when we arrived back at the test centre but he told me I passed and I was over the moon, I think he was just really generous. **Thanks everyone!**

  31. God's Child

    May 03, 2007

    This helped me a bit. Trust me I am nervous wreck because I dont take failing easily. I have my test in a few weeks.I am thinking positive though. “I will pass”.

  32. liam

    May 03, 2007

    got my driving test in 2 days reading this artical has made me confident

  33. Amy

    May 03, 2007

    Hey, i’ve just failed my third driving test and i feel so frustrated. I feel like i should of passed this time, as i did not cause a danger to anyone and what he failed me on i feel should of just been minors. I’m devastated. I’m going to try a different test center next time as i feel the one i am currently going to are just far too strict. I feel like giving up but i have spent far too much money to quit now.
    I think it depends who you get, and what its like on the day because anything can happen.

    This is how i failed the first time…

    I was doing everything perfect it was crazy how well it was going, i got the manouvers i wanted and everything. Then just about 10 minutes before the end i was on a 40mph road and i was stuck behind some proper slow lorry thing and it was annoying me so i over took him but as i came back in i left my indicator on and there was a road on the left and the cars thought i was turning left so they started shooting out and the examiner man had to turn the indicator off. Anddd thats how i failed! =/ How stupid. I only got 4 minors too! So basically i would of passed if i knocked the indicator off. GRR much!
    And then my driving instructor had only gone and broke her leg so i had to go with a new one. Just my luck!

    The second time i failed comming out the test center at the very start, there where parked cars so i couldn’t really see and as i went to drive a car came and the examiner had to slam on. I only got 3 minors that time too.

    It really is a big set back when you fail but i’m just gunna keep trying.

  34. Justine

    May 03, 2007

    I’m taking my driver’s test for the first time today, in a couple hours. It’s my birthday today (I’m 18 now), so I hope they are more lenient on me because I’m older. I’ve heard that they do. The best advice I got was to just look everywhere, and to be very dramatic about it. I’m really nervous. It just dawned upon me right now that my test is in 4.5 hours. Well, wish me luck!

  35. christine

    May 03, 2007

    i’am going to take my test in march,am so nervous and everytime i think about it i’m shaky,i hope i over come that before my test

  36. Andrea

    May 03, 2007

    I failed my driving test today on 9 minor faults, all the same no moving my head when using my main mirror!!!! he said he couls see my eyes move but no headmovement!!! WHAT!
    Everything else i did perfect, and he was rude. He wants to attend a course in customer service, the other guys were really jolly.
    Im scared to go again in case i get him.
    Good luck everyone with their tests.

  37. Mattias

    May 03, 2007

    I’m taking my first driving test in 2 weeks… wish me good luck!
    Please God let me pass this test!

  38. sumayya

    May 03, 2007

    im taking my test 2,this helps a little!!

  39. girrl racer

    May 03, 2007

    hi. my first test is 24th of feb at 10.14 a.m..pancake day!- lets hope i dont end up with a ‘tosser’ for an examiner!- (lol- oh come on -its funny). is 10.14 a.m a good time?- i dont think im 100% ready but ive had about 40 lessons and my instructor is going on holiday for 5 wks in march- so i thought i should fit a test in…. what does ev1 think?- anyway….ive cancelled tests since december because i didnt feeel ready and my brother thinks im not…but also said that he wasnt confident about driving etc until he actually took the tests (he passed third time) and i want to pass first time!- pancakes all round (egg-free)- if i do!

  40. kyle

    May 03, 2007

    hey thanks for the info, great idea to post something like this, havent been able to sleep these last few days so this is a great help, anyone know where i could find info on bay parking??

  41. Bryan

    May 03, 2007

    I appreciate your much needed advise, Though I wish there were some practice questions for the written test.

  42. Shahrukh Khan

    May 03, 2007

    Good advice.

  43. Shahrukh Khan

    May 03, 2007

    ·Safe driving tips. Practice these tips:-

    »Steer smoothly at all times.
    »Accelerate smoothly. Don’t race the engine or make it stall.
    »Stop the vehicle gently. Start braking well ahead of where you must stop to avoid sudden “jerks.” Know where to stop. Be aware of crosswalks. If your view is blocked at a crosswalk, move forward carefully and look both ways at the intersection..
    »Be sure your vehicle is in the correct gear. Don’t grind the gears. Don’t coast to a stop.
    »Always obey the posted speed limits. If needed, reduce your speed to adjust for existing weather, road, and other traffic conditions. Remember to turn on your lights if you need to use your windshield wipers in poor weather conditions.
    »Follow at a safe distance. Use the three-second rule. Increase your following distance in bad weather or poor visibility.
    »Know what the traffic signals mean and obey them at all times.
    »Always use the proper lane. Turn from the correct lane into the correct lane.
    »Signal for all lane changes and turns.
    »Always look for potential hazards (scan). Check your mirrors frequently. Always look over the proper shoulder before making lane changes or pulling away from the curb.
    »Drive defensively. Anticipate another driver’s errors.

  44. Dr Jones

    May 03, 2007

    My wife failed her test the fifth time today. She is always nervous. tried to calm her down all the time she is going for the tests, but something always comes up in her mind at those particular moments. Reading this might help her get away with her nervousness, and knowing she is not alone

  45. njb

    May 03, 2007

    I have my test tomorrow and i’m thinking positive and feeling confident but worried about nerves getting to me so this has helped me focus!

  46. MS

    May 03, 2007

    I’ll be taking my driving test soon, but everytme my instrctor does a mock test, i get really paniky but wen he dosent am fine, wierd lol, nyway this info is really good hpe i pass me test soon xx thanx 4 info

  47. Turbo

    May 03, 2007

    I;m taking my test in two hours and am nerous out of my mind. Not only because of the tets itself, but because i learned i was taking the test about 10 minutes ago. This really helped me calm down. thanks. :)

  48. donna-doo

    May 03, 2007

    hi al i he got my test on friday at 11.41 and everytime i think about it i feel sick but im sure ill b fine and this has really helped and i feel so possitive i keep having dreams that i pass!is that normal lol

  49. b.b

    May 03, 2007

    great advice :) don\’t feel as worried now, still a long way to go but i\’m still gona put it into practice. 2 months to go ;)

  50. Kirikou

    May 03, 2007

    Hi ive got mine in 2 weeks time im so so nervous,i feel sick just thinking about it,iam staying positive and hope i will pass.

  51. Lulu

    May 03, 2007

    I have done 3 tests already and done a colossal number of driving lessons (I stopped counting at around 65 hours. I have accepted some of the serious as being my own fault but on my last one it should have been a minor…bummer! I will keep trying even if I can’t afford the petrol afterwards. I tried following this advice but it seems that slowing to see what a pedestrian could be beckoning!

  52. Dan

    May 03, 2007

    I have done like 60 hours worth of driving and i am 17 years old. I passed my theory third time and i have failed my practical twice. I failed my first time with nine minors and two majors which were pulling out at a junction without observing too much and meeting traffic. The second time i failed with TWO minors! and has one major fault which was apparently i got in the wrong lane when he asked me to go right… but i didn’t think they could fail you for going the wrong way by accident as i realized what i had done at that point. But then i did get an ass for an examiner soo… I am taking it for the third time next Friday at 14.02 and i want to pass SOOO badly now…….. its annoying me like crazy as i do not want to do the same as last time! but i guess i can only do my best and go to the test feeling optimistic…. but this information did help a bit sort of calms me i suppose…. :)

  53. Diana

    May 03, 2007

    I have my driver’s test today and I was so very nerve.

  54. Lil Jonny

    May 03, 2007

    SO i failed my test on the first try, the instructor had an attitude and im thinkging that got the best of her. But my test is tommorow and i just know that i am going to pass, i have cried and cried, but the pain is over, LICENSE here i COME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Kirikou

    May 03, 2007

    Oh yes yes i have passed my practical first time today.My test begun at 11.19.I was so nervous as i told you at #50.But at the end i passed with 9 minors although i was shaking like a leaf but deep down i was confident and i was saying to myself i can do this and yes i did it.I am telling you it the best feeling ever.So many thanks to my instructor

  56. mej

    May 03, 2007

    omg i failed today… i ws nearly there at the test centre 1 minute away then examiner sed turn left n i turned right im so stupid.. dint fail 4 that tho.. i went in the wrong lane n bullied my way on 2 the road… so annoyed… shud pass 2nd time…. its EASYYY… don’t worry ppl. just remain confident all the advice above is v. helpful

  57. clare

    May 03, 2007

    i have had about 30 hours of driving lessons now and i have passed my theory first time but i havnt booked mt test due to instructer saying am not reay due to my nerves but i just want to give it a go so i no what expect in my test and i may be lucky not to get parrel parking as i cant do this lol

  58. Sarah Jane

    May 03, 2007

    well i had a test this morning in automatic vehicle and passed for the first time. All last week i have been stressing out about how to pass and how to get all manoeuvres correct. Spent the past four days watching videos and youtube and also reading about the do’s and dont’s.

    Test Experience:

    I thought i had failed even before starting the test because i had taken the handbrake off and select drive and also put the indicators on and was thinking why isnt the car moving!! Then realised the engine wasnt on. Examiner just said take a breath and start when you are ready. At this point i thought i had failed and we hadnt even left the test centre car park. But i didnt let that get in the way and gave it my best shot, another occasion the examiner said turn right and i indicated left and then corrected it, then i didnt look at traffic lights and followed bus closely and luckily my car fitted just after the yellow box junction, if i was on the yellow junction box that would have been a fail, as i was so close to the bus i couldnt overtake, then i didnt see a pedestrian at a crossing because of a van on the other side blocking my view and had to brake suddenly. Throughout my test and i had three roundabouts, two straight forward left’s and one with third exit, i kept my eye on the mirrors at all times. I has two manoeuvres which i was scared about and didnt perfect myself, turn in the road which i did in 4 turns because the road was tight and reverse around a corner, at one point the car swinged out half way but then i corrected myself. I got 13 minors and passed. It was a total surprise and a relief. I read about alot of different pass and fail stories and they did help so all i can do is write about my experience and hope it helps someone.

  59. Tom

    May 03, 2007


  60. nadeem k

    May 03, 2007

    hy evry1
    i had ma test yestaday at 11:41. and i was very relaxed nd very confident.
    it lasted 30 mins. and at the end the examiner turned to smiled and said youve failed.
    and toldme i had failed on an emergency stop because i had traveled to far before i stoped. and i also failed on reversing round the corner i went wide out and was on the right hand lane. he said i would have pass if it was that alone.
    and to make things worst i got 1 minor fault, for indiating when didnt need to.
    hopefully next tym i pass.
    as for the test it is just the same as ur normal lessons just different person sittin nex to u its easy and in a way fun.

  61. anji

    May 03, 2007

    hi all
    i failed my 2nd practical test yesterday and I feel soooooooo depressed. I thought I will definetly pass this time because i was so confident. I only had 4 minor faults but messed up the corner reverse, so she failed me.Booked my next test, but have to wait till September for it b’cos they are all booked up at the centre i use.I feel so bad for wasting all that money on lessons and nothing to show for it…..I’ve been taking lessons for more than a year now.Hope I can pass it third time round. Otherwise I’m seriously yhinking of giving up…..

  62. mez

    May 03, 2007

    Dont worry failed for the third time today! feeling really deflated with my self. Like you I only got 3 minors and one serious for turning wide on a corner. My test is rebooked for a fortnights time so fingers and toes crossed as it wasent third time lucky for me so hoping it will for u

  63. Lauren

    May 03, 2007

    My test is in 6 days and i have suddenly been unable to sleep and all i can think about is what if i fail? what if i pass? So many people i know have failed lately and i really cant afford to be one of them.

  64. Lucie

    May 03, 2007

    I have my driving test on Monday, my instructor recommended i book the 10:24 as its supposedly a good time slot? I’ve had over 50 lessons, been driving for around a year, so i should be confident, but the only factor im most concerned about is my speed. And in my lesson yesterday i somehow just couldn’t master the reverse bay park, which i’ve never had trouble with up until now. So i’m just going to put it down to nerves? I’d love to pass first time, but like my friends keep saying it’s not the end of the world if you don’t? So guess i’d better keep that in mind.

  65. ashley clout

    May 03, 2007

    thanks!! i have my test on wenesday………think i should pass, nothing stopping me thank you 4 the advice! Ashley Clout

  66. Ant Newman

    May 03, 2007

    ive got mine tomorrow!!!

    im wel nervous because somtimes i drive brilliantly but others really bad, lol however on a serious note my job pretty much rests on me passing my test. without a lisence i am usless.

    But i know i am ready and know it is just down to my concentration, it all depends on the day just stay calm, talk yourself through it and hope for the traffic to be good

  67. Andy

    May 03, 2007

    failed mine for 2nd time today, was so nervous and got 2 majors and 11 minors. I was in wrong lane approaching a junction and the guy in the other lane wouldnt let me in. DEPRESSION!!!!

  68. Kareece

    May 03, 2007

    I have my test on Tuesday 21st….I am nervous yet but i hope i pass first time…

  69. shawnte

    May 03, 2007

    i have my 1st driving test on wednesday im so nervous! sumtimes i drive good n other times not so well. this advice has helped me 2 calm my nrve. ill keep staying positive n praying that i pass. wish me luck! man i hope i pass the first time around

  70. chantee09

    May 03, 2007

    I going to get my test tomorrow at 8am hope i get it.

  71. Emma

    May 03, 2007

    I have my test on Tuesday i’ve been unable to sleep for the past week, i’m really nervous and i feel like alot is resting on this; my job/family/boyfriend ect,,

    i know i can drive but when my nerves get a hold of me :/

    :) HA

    Wish me luck ;)
    && Good luck to everyone else..

    Emma X

  72. Smitty

    May 03, 2007

    Hey thanks for the advice, ive got my 3rd test next week, i better pass it this time, it costs an awful lot of money!

  73. Amanda

    May 03, 2007

    I’ve got my test tomorrow. I’m so nervous! Hopefully I’ll pass and shove my licence in my instructor’s face! >=D

  74. jason

    May 03, 2007

    Failed my first driving test today, 2 major and 8 minors, trying to overtake a road sweeping van on a blind bend, wot was i thinking? and not checking my mirror when i changed speed, well hopefully i can learn from my mistakes and pass next time.

  75. Yana

    May 03, 2007

    I have mine in a few hours. I will definetely PASS:D

  76. Melissa

    May 03, 2007

    I have mine tomorrow, I’m so nervous.
    I need to pass, I know I can!!

  77. zachary

    May 03, 2007

    i had my driving test today i didnt pass which im devastated about im going to book again hopefully pass good luck 2 everyone taking there test hopefully i can pass because them telling u havent passed is hard to take

  78. IRIS

    May 03, 2007

    Hi i have my test tomorrow for the first time i hope i pass,i’m so nervous thanx for all the advice…

  79. Sophie

    May 03, 2007

    Thanks, my road test is coming up soon. I feel confident & hopefully I’ll pass the first time.

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