Fuel Efficient Cars, It Makes sense now!



As fuel prices around the world are soaring high, the car manufacturers are seeking new alternative sources to power their vehicles realizing that it is the only way to increase the profitability.

Fuel-efficient cars are the result of car companies response to rising fuel prices. The adage “necessity is the mother of invention” holds true in exploring new technologies by the companies. Lot of money is invested to come up with new technological innovations in developing very fuel-efficient cars. They help to reduce environment pollution because the fuel is totally consumed by the powerful engines without wasting.

Hybrid cars is one of the answer to the soaring fuel prices. Combining different sources of power, a hybrid car can increase the mileage to a great extend. These cars prove to be environment friendly by consuming fuel very less.  Lot of money is invested into R&D for new technologies to increase the efficiency of the engine and the battery life.

It’s a convergence of various technologies that resulted in such achievements. It is worthwhile to mention the role of Information technology, which have given a great contribution on this front. Embedded computer programs helps the car engine to minimize the fuel consumption by controlling the quantity of fuel flow that reaches the engine. The intelligent engine equipped with special software could take decisions of its own in a split of second on various matters related to engine performance. Estimating the actual power required by comparing the average speed between intervals can control the fuel flow as and when it is required. On the mechanical front, turbo chargers are used to increase the combustion by pumping more air into the combustion chamber in high pressure. On the design front, new designs are experimented to achieve maximum aerodynamic features to the vehicle which contributes to the overall fuel efficiency.

In the coming years, we can expect a plethora of new models competing each other for better fuel efficiency to capture the market share.

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