Gasoline and the SUV



I’m starting to believe what Einstein said about the internal combustion engine: that it is the most evil invention the world has ever seen.

Earth’s atmosphere, researchers have told us time and again, is slowly being poisoned by us. We have all heard it said that the largest factor in this equation is the burning of fossil fuels. It is no secret that we have been doing so at an astonishing rate. We humans need to wake up and smell the smog; if each and every one of us doesn’t do their part, then we will send our atmosphere to the dump in a trash-truck.

The ironic part about it all is that those who live extravagant lives have the ability and resources to be ten times more influential on the health of the Earth than the average low-income family, but it is the average low-income family that does ten times more for the Earth than those who live extravagantly.

I’m starting to believe what Einstein said about the internal combustion engine; that it is the most evil invention the world has ever seen.

Hummers, SUVs, 8 and 10 cylinder vehicles, not to mention the huge diesel engines that are built for ships, construction vehicles and flying machines,…. these are all just adding to the mix, “fueling” the fire so to speak. A typical hummer might get 8-10 miles per gallon, SUV — 16-24. My cavalier gives me just around 40 miles per gallon. So, even on the low end of the scale a hummer-owner spends at least $900 per month. The average SUV is not far behind that at about $800 per month. What a waste of money and fuel to stroke the pride of the well-to-do! I can get away with spending $60 per month! That’s a multiple of 12 to 15 times the difference. is a good place to look for the fuel economy of your car.

Wouldn’t you agree that about 15 to 20 percent of the people you know own an SUV or hummer? When that 15 to 20 percent of the market consumes 5 or 6 times more fuel than the other 80 to 85 percent, wouldn’t you say it’s time for corporations and governments to do something about public consumption instead of thinking about how much money is in it for them?

Companies keep building these high-end vehicles and the market slurps them up because they’re the IN thing, and then people complain about fuel prices! Well, no one has the right to complain about gas prices when they encourage SUV sales. Gasoline is going to become a rare thing in less than fifty years at this rate. If it weren’t for the continuous desire to have bigger and better, fossil fuels might last a couple more centuries. If we somehow manage to turn ourselves around and reduce such nonchalant waste, then maybe gasoline reserves will last the next 80 to 100 years. But, our governments better start investing in rechargable cars or something or they’ll be so far up the creek without a paddle this recession will look like paradise!

Even with new fuel standards announced for 2016, does anyone really think that gasoline reserves will last another 120 years?

So, ask yourself how much you’re spending on gasoline per month. If you own an SUV, be honest. Don’t you think it’s time to stop indulging yourself and do your part to lower gas emissions? A hatchback gives you just as much space; a 4×4 jeep gives you just as much power; a mid-size truck is just as easy to handle. Any one of these would cut your fuel use by 50 to 75% or more. Face it: not always is it a good thing to get everything you want. Especially when such an attitude leads to disrespect for yourself, for others, and for the environment.

Because of pricing and availability, Hybrid cars are still not accessible for the average-income family. While they do help lower the national rate of fuel consumption, this is one equation that is far from balanced. There are still more SUVs and Hummers on the market. Visit your local car dealerships and you will see what I mean. I recently visited a local Ford dealership, drove around and counted the SUV/hybrid ratio. There were 22 SUVs and 4 hybrids on the lot. That’s a ratio of 5.5. The local Chrysler dealer had a similar ratio; there were 17 SUVs and 3 hybrids, for a ratio of 5.66. That sounds like quite an imbalance to me.

This is some food for thought: after weighing in on this issue using the fuel efficiency scale, what is your next vehicle purchase going to be?

Here are some tips on saving gas. Just click through the site to find the info you want, because there’s a lot of good information.

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