Hydrogen Powered Cars


Hydrogen powered cars are the future of motoring. However, it certainly isn’t with its looks.Here is an example.


 It looks like a car. It doesn’t levitate nor does it drive itself. It is remarkably like a car! Amazing!

The hydrogen powered car is effectively an electric car. An electric motor powers the wheels. However, there are no batteries. The hydrogen powered car has an onboard electricity generating station. That takes form of a hydrogen fuel cell.

The place where you would normally find a fuel tank in a petrol or diesel car is replaced with a tank of compressed hydrogen. This hydrogen is combined with oxygen from the air in the fuel cell. In a rather complicated and boring way, generates electricity. That electricity is used to power the electric motors, which in turn powers the wheels. That is all there is to it.

The compressed hydrogen tank and the hydrogen fuel cell are what put the hydrogen powered car in a different league to other electric cars. Most battery electric cars have extremely short range, poor performance and take forever to recharge.

However, when the hydrogen powered car runs out of juice, you simply pull into a hydrogen filling station. The hydrogen is compressed so it is a bit like petrol or diesel. You fill just like a petrol or diesel car. The only difference, because this is under pressure, the nozzle has to be locked into place when it is connected to your car, otherwise you get hydrogen all over your shoes. The time it takes to fill up is about 2 – 3 minutes which is about the same as filling your car with petrol or diesel.

The range is excellent as well. Most hydrogen powered cars go for about 400+ kilometres on a tank.

There is more as well. The only emission is water. That is what happens when you combine hydrogen with oxygen. You get H2O; water.

Hydrogen costs about the same as petrol or diesel, but unlike petrol or diesel, it will never run out; It is the most abundant element in the universe. The only problem is that hydrogen is almost always attached to something else and it is quite difficult to separate it, however, humans have drilled deep into the earth for oil which is just as complicated and difficult, yet we did it okay.

I said in the introduction that I believe the hydrogen powered car is the most important car since the car was invented. There is a very good reason.

One day, we will, sadly, run out of oil. Then we will need something else for our cars. Electric cars have always been very promising, but as long as they are powered by batteries, they don’t quite cut it. Think of everybody currently driving a petrol or diesel car. We have built our lives around the car as we know it. You get in, you drive until the fuel runs out, you fill up, you drive some more. That is the freedom that a petrol or diesel powered car gives you. If it is replaced by something with a tenth of the range and takes more than a hundred times longer to bring back to life, we will have gone backwards. The hydrogen powered car though, is different. It fits the life we already have, the life we are living right now. The reason it is the car of the future, is because it is just like the car of today.

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