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How to Properly Drive a Prius

Most people who own a Prius can’t then appropriately to effectively increase their gas mileage here are some details to decrease your mileage. The Prius is definitely a popular vehicle boasting a fuel efficient 65 …

Gasoline and the SUV

I’m starting to believe what Einstein said about the internal combustion engine: that it is the most evil invention the world has ever seen. Earth’s atmosphere, researchers have told us time and again, is slowly …
Dr. Charles Perry and students Jay Perry, Brent Brubaker, and Ken Gendrich working on the wheel-hub motor in the Voorhies Engineering Technology Faculty Research Lab.

Jay Perry

Turn Your Car Into a Hybrid

It’s true, you can now save money on petrol by setting up water cells around your engine bay. The process is so simple it’s hard to understand why every car manufacture has not used this …

Why the End is Near for Gasoline

Now is a time for us to move on to the next stage of our love affair with the American Hot Rod. As a proponent and advocate for the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry, I am …