Win 5000 Gallons of Fuel



It’s Easy. Get the Decal, Get Spotted, and Win.

How great would it be to win 5,000 gallons of fuel? Heck I would not care how high gas prices would go. Well, maybe? Its the new Sunoco promotion. “Free Fuel 5000” Just stop at your favorite Sunoco station, get a decal, and stick it on your bumper.


Go to Sunoco for all the details. If they spot you filling up at Sunoco with that decal on your ride, you could win a Sunoco gift card instantly. And when you get spotted, you’re automatically entered to win 5000 gallons of free fuel. Enough to fuel your car for 100,000 miles. The Sweepstakes begins on June 1, 2011 ends on August 31, 2011. There is even a link on the web site for direction to mail in for a decal. Good Luck, and safe Motoring.

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