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Finding Out If Leasing a Car is Right for You

Having a vehicle is an important part of everyday life to get to work and go about daily activities.  There are two main options out there when deciding to get a car: leasing and purchasing.  Purchasing a car can have its benefits, but it also puts you in a long term payment plan that can cost a lot up front.  The other option, leasing, can give you the same benefits of having a car but not give you the limitations of purchasing a car.

What are some of the pros of leasing a car?

Always have a new car

When you invest your money in buying a new car, you are going to be stuck with the car for a long time, so you will be driving an older vehicle at some point.  With a leased car, you have it for a limited amount of time, so you always will be driving a newer model vehicle.

Little to no down payment required

Most cars take a large down payment, while most lease car situations offer either a much smaller or even no down payment at all.  This can make it much easier to get a car when you need it.

No long term commitment

Buying a vehicle can put you in a long term situation where you are making payments for years before you own the car outright.  Leasing a vehicle puts you in a short term lease of your choice so that you can have a car for as short or as long as you need it.

Finding Out If Leasing a Car is Right for You

What are some cons in leasing a car?

Some companies do not allow customization

If you are going into a specific location to find the best lease car deals in your area, there will be specific vehicles for you to make a choice from, but you will not be able to customize the vehicle.

No equity in the vehicle

When you purchase a car and make monthly payments, you are doing so knowing that eventually you will own the car fully.  With a lease, you are making payments, but you will never own the car.  At the end of the lease period, you will be expected to return the car, and the money you have spent on lease payments has pretty much been paid to rent the car.

Pay a fee for terminating the lease

Just like an apartment that you have leased, leasing a car has penalties for ending your lease period before the lease terms are up.  There may be certain extenuating circumstances included in your lease terms that allow you to break a lease, but it is important for you to read that information before making your decision, because fees for terminating a lease can be high.

The first step to finding the right fit for you is to look at the best lease car deals available in your area and decide what type of vehicle you are looking for and what these businesses have to offer you in that area.  After you find vehicles that suit your needs, look at your budget and determine which choice is the right one for you!

Difference Between Motorcycle Shipment and Car Shipping

Currently we are witnessing different innovations in transporting automobiles whether motorcycle or car. Though they are relatively under the same category they have different ways of shipment. A motorbike is very important because it is very affordable and handy.

They can pass through a narrow street and heavy traffic. Meanwhile cars are also useful because it can transport people from one place to another with comfort. Unlike motorbikes cars have roof securing us from too much heat from the sun and heavy rainfall due to the storm. In order to enjoy both features, most car owners have also motorcycle.
Cars and motorcycle owners might wonder how these two vehicles does are being shipped. One could also think if they have the same shipment procedures.

Actually they have different style of transporting procedures. Both of them have different sizes that should be placed in appropriate carrier. One cannot put a motorcycle on the car’s carrier or the other way around. Car shipping companies explain to their customers that though they are both automobiles each of them have special needs to attend to. You cannot mix them together in a container because the other one might cause damage to the other. Safety is the priority during shipment, so these two automobiles should be properly transported.

Difference Between Motorcycle Shipment and Car Shipping

Car is much stable when placed in a flat surface due to its four wheels that helps in keeping the balance while motorcycle can easily fall during a collision because it has only two wheels supporting. Motorcycles have these stands installed to make it stable when not in use. During car transport shipment cars are securely placed in the compartment where it is safe provided with locks on wheels and the floor should be flat. On the other hand the motorcycle have chains being attached to secure it preventing movement and also from thieves. Though they differ in many ways they’re still similar when it comes to unloading and loading during shipment.

Our vehicles are very much precious to us. They are designed individually and distinctively from the others having their purpose. Both cars and motorcycles are very important to our daily lives because they provide transportation that will carry us opportunities everywhere. Each of them is uniquely designed to cater the needs of its owner. A responsible owner should use them wisely and find an auto transport company that specialize car shipment that caters the needs of our cars and motorbikes.

Choosing The Best Auto Transport Company

The first aspect that comes to your mind is an Auto transport company when opting for car moving.

These car transport companies do nice work in moving your car to the destination without any wear and tear to our costly automobiles. Today there are different auto transport companies prevalent and every company has its own good points with respect to the shipment of vehicles. There are various auto transport companies who provide quality services to their valuable customers.

If your car is costly then it becomes necessary to look out for the reliable auto transport company which can easily ship your costly car to your desired destination. You should always find out the car transport company which is not reliable and trustworthy but also provide you services within your budget and also their services must satisfy your needs.

There are various auto transport  companies but all these companies do not provide quality services. Some of the car transport companies only provide services within the country and some of them provide services outside country also. But generally the car transport companies that deal in international services do not provide  satisfactory services to their customers.

So, it becomes very important  to inspect about the company’s reputation and the job perfection. Some of the services provided by the car shipping companies are door-to-door car transport, terminal-to-terminal transport, special car mover, luxury car shipping and delivery to a specified destination, storage needs, and tracking your vehicle. There are some car transport companies who provide some expert representatives for you who will solve all your issues regarding shipment of your vehicles.

One most important aspect that you have to ask about before you sign up a document with the shipping company is that please ensure that they provide insurance to your vehicles. Insurance is very important because if your car is damaged during the shipment then the car transport company will be responsible for it.

On the other hand if you want to ship your vehicle through ocean container then ensure that your vehicle is professionally packed for the insurance to be valid. If you have a costly car then it is suggested that you should go for enclosed car transport in order to prevent your car from wind, damages, and rain during shipment.

The entire cost of transportation is based on the distance, mode of transport and time of delivery. It is suggested that your car should be insured against any damage during shipment before you provide your car to the auto transport company for shipping. Before you give your car to the auto transport company for shipment ensure that your car is empty like don’t keep any valuable items in the car because if it is damaged then the car transport company will not be liable for it as they only take responsibility for your car till they deliver your car to your destination. It is very important that before you select any car transport company for your relocation, you should properly do the research in order to find out the perfect auto transport company.

Aventador: The New Lamborghini

A carbon fibre Monocoquethe, 6.5 litre engine, 700 horsepower, 0-62 in 2.9 seconds prancing bull.

Aventador: The new Lamborghini.

Here it is, the brand new Lamborghini. Men who like cars, will love this new model.

6.5 ltr capacity engine, 12 cylinders and 700 horsepower on the brand new engine.

The new Lamborghini Aventador has a top speed of 217 mph and can go from 0 to 62mph in in a impressive 2.9seconds.

Below is a video detailing the car and its impressive features, and of course there are shots of the posing woman too. Something that is a must on every new car apparently.

The first test drives for the media will be held in Rome at the end of April and beginning of May. A must see for any car enthusiast.

The Curse of Little Bastard: James Dean’s Porsche 550 Spyder

His Love For Speed Was Not An Act

He needs no introduction: James Byron Dean (1931-1955) was an American actor who became a real pop culture icon after starring in Rebel Without a Cause, East of Eden or Giant. His untimely death in a dramatic car accident helped to ensure his status and was the beginning of yet another urban legend.

Dean was an avid driver and often participated in car races. He went racing with his Porsche 356 Speedster and came in second in the Palm Springs Road Races, third in Bakersfield and fourth in the Santa Monica Road Races.

While he was on the set of Rebel Without a Cause, he traded his Speedster for a Porsche 550 Spyder – only 90 such models were ever made.

“You Will Be Dead Next Week …“

The car was nicknamed Little Bastard by Dean’s stunt driving coach Bill Hickman.

Image via Wikipedia

On September 23, Dean asked the actor Alec Guinness to take a look at the Spyder. Guinness said the car looked “sinister” to him.

“If you get in that Porsche, you will be dead next week,” GUINNESS WARNED DEAN.

Here’s what happened on the day of the accident:

  • On September 30, Dean and his mechanic Rolf Wütheric got the car ready for a sports car race at Salinas, California. They decided to drive there together in the Little Bastard.
  • At 3:30 pm, Dean got a speeding ticket in Kern County for driving 65 in a 55 mph zone. He was driving west near Cholame, California when a Ford, coming from the opposite direction, attempted to take the fork onto State Route 41.
  • The driver was Donald Turnupseed, a 23-year-old student who crossed into Dean’s lane without seeing him. The Porsche and the Ford hit almost head-on.
  • Turnupseed and Wütherich suffered minor injuries. James Dean was taken to the Paso Robles War Memorial Hospital and pronounced dead on arrival, on September 30, at 5:59 pm.
  • Wütherich survived the crash but eventually died in a road accident in Germany in 1981.

Little Bastard Becomes A  Urban Legend

After Dean’s accident, many fans believed he was still alive but terribly disfigured. Also, there soon appeared a number of stories about Little Bastard. Here are some of them:

  • The car designer Georges Barris bought the wreck for $2,500. When it was delivered, it slipped off its trailer and broke the legs of a mechanic.
  • Troy McHenry, a Beverly Hills doctor, bought the engine of the Little Bastard and put it in his own Spyder. He lost control of the car, crashed into a tree and was killed on the spot.
  • Little Bastard even went touring across the USA because it was still so popular. On the anniversary of James Dean’s death, a fifteen-year-old boy was standing about twelve to fifteen feet away from the exhibit. Suddenly, three bolts snapped and the car plowed forward, crushing both of the boy’s legs.
  • In 1960, Barris decided to have Little Bastard shipped back home to California. The Spyder was loaded into a boxcar, the door was sealed … when the train arrived in LA, Little Bastard was nowhere to be found even though the seal was intact! The car was not seen since …

Debunking the Legend

It’s not easy debunking the legend after so many years – people will go on believing what they want, but some facts about Little Bastard just aren’t true.

For instance, it was the doctors McHenry and Eschrid (not Barris) who bought Dean’s Spyder because they wanted to use some mechanical parts as spares for their own Spyders.

Why Marco Simoncelli Helmet Can Apart?

If you see video footage or photographs of deadly accidents that befall rider Marco Simoncelli, Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi, will inevitably the question arises: Why are helmets worn Simoncelli (24) can be separated from his head?

Why Marco Simoncelli Helmet Can Apart? – Definitive answer has not been found because until now the MotoGP organizers still do a thorough investigation of the incident.

“I could have answered your question next time. But certainly we assert that a thorough investigation of this incident will soon be done,” said Paul Butler, Directors of the MotoGP race during a press conference with the other Directors of MotoGP after the accident occurred on Sunday (23 / 10) in Malaysia.

MotoGP party does not want to suppose the cause of the release Simoncelli helmet. The medical team was just to make sure that Simoncelli suffered serious injuries in the head, neck and chest. If you see from the video footage or photos carefully when Simoncelli run over, was difficult to ascertain why the type of helmet brands AGV GP-Tech’s San Carlo Gresini Honda rider could fall off.

Why Marco Simoncelli Helmet Can Apart?

Simoncelli might not associate or attach a safety helmet straps under the neck. But as an experienced and professional drivers, so little chance Simoncelli careless. Moreover, before the MotoGP race begins, checks and strict supervision and inspection conducted by a crew race is very tight and precise. Or because of the strong effect of collision or impact the tire to the body that makes Simoncelli helmet off and bounce? Maybe.

The results of investigations with the GP about the cause of the collision and release of highly anticipated Simoncelli helmet. From the results of investigations can be found the cause – for a solution found.

Why Marco Simoncelli Helmet Can Apart?

This solution will be very beneficial for manufacturers helmet MotoGP rider, to make the helmet more safe, comfortable and sturdy. Although helmets are worn by MotoGP racers use carbon Kevlar materials and modern technology, the chances of defects could have occurred.

Technology in the protective bubble of the drivers racing suit is also a good idea immediately applied. With the balloon protector, drivers can avoid collisions or tremendous pressure as they fall. We all certainly hope the deadly accident that occurred in Malaysia to be the last.

Car Shipping: A Stress free Way of Relocation

To ensure the well being or safety of the vehicles, hiring the car transportation services of reliable auto transport is a must. Hence, never waste your time driving for hours as the car transport companies are ready to provide services that make the car owners comfortable and free from worry.

By means of the present stride from the advanced community, nearly almost all men and women need vehicles with regard to simple and easy travelling. Nevertheless, individuals move from one particular area towards the other simply because of a variety of factors. Considering the fact that vehicles tend to be essential in this contemporary universe, availing services from several vehicle transport companies is actually important. Within this approach, operating personal vehicles in moving is not necessary because of the presence of vehicle shipping companies which offer high quality service in stipulations related with car shipping.

Car Shipping: A Stress free Way of Relocation

Despite the fact that auto transport companies tend to be greatly wanted specifically in web based vehicle buying, the actual safety as well as the wellbeing of the vehicle ought to be considered during shipment. In this way, it is a good idea to evaluate the actual track record along with several feedbacks by the old clientele regarding the specific car shipping company a person tends to hire. Vehicles are expensive, and their value is almost hundreds and hundreds of bucks. With this manner, car owners tend to guard the welfare of the vehicles in almost any methods. As a result, there is a demand to make use of different vehicle transport companies in order to move cars and trucks in any places in an effortless way. There are several car shipping companies in the State; consequently, prefer the car transport companies that is regarded as the finest among others.

Vehicles tend to be expensive to be scraped as well as damaged; therefore, provide a small attempt in order to lookup for the finest auto transport company which offers highly acceptable services. It is achievable to safely transfer one’s car in a stress-free and affordable means. Do not let costly vehicles disappear its attractiveness. Protect the actual glossy as well as the ideal structure of the automotive by way of having the most suitable car transportation providers that offer services that will secure the car’s safety. Auto shipping is considered as the handy method for vehicle moving; however, it is actually high-risk to submit one’s luxury car to lousy auto transport companies. End up being meticulous in order to lengthen the actual existence of one’s automobile because destruction such as scuff marks as well as breakages demand for hundred of bucks with regard to car repairs.

Is Using a CAR Hauler a Good Idea?

a relocation one should look out for a suitable auto transport company that offers car trailers to move your vehicle from one destination to another or even from one country to another in an overseas transportation. A reputed auto transport company is the one which manages both released and fastened trailers.
Obviously its quotes are higher because of open trailer or enclosed trailer modes it offers in transportation. It is easier to get car shipping quotes online by using Google or any other search engine. Get a number of quotes which will help you analyze the cost of car shipping and various facilities provided to you by the car transport companies.

There are many reasons why one may require a car trailer. If you own more than one automobile then the transportation is a matter of concern. You can’t drive the vehicle on your own one by one to far off destination. This would involve lot of finances and time. Time is always in scarcity in relocation. You are always pressed for time and the inconvenience caused will be many.

Is Using a CAR Hauler a Good Idea?

The auto transport companies ensure safe and risk free transportation by open trailers or enclosed trailer mode. The automobiles are shipped faster by these car haulers than by any other mode including if they are self driven.

If it is an overseas transportation the best option would be to fly across to the other destination by air and arrange to ship your vehicles through a reputed car shipping company.

You would be free to choose between the open trailer mode and enclosed trailer mode depending upon your resources and of course the kind of vehicle you own. If you own an exotic or classic or a vintage car the best option would be enclosed trailers. Agreed that the open trailer mode would be cheaper but risks by way of damage to your vehicle are inherent because all the vehicles along with yours are hauled up together and there are chances of damage in loading and unloading and also due to rough handling during transportation.

Compare with enclosed type mode in which special containers are provided for your vehicle, ensuring safe and risk free transit of your vehicle. The vehicles are loaded and unloaded mechanically through hydraulic machines, thereby totally eliminating any chances of damage in transit.

The cargo marine insurance cover is provided in the agreement of reputed car shipping companies providing risk free transportation of your vehicle.

Let the specialists undertake the shipment of your vehicle for its safety.

Fascinating French Classic Cars: Renault Fregate and Domaine


The Renault project for a full size car (or executive car in British usage) began in 1947, with a rear engine and a style comparable with the 4 CV. Due to many technical problems, the Renault Frégate will not be launched before February 1951, but with a pontoon line, apparent rear wings and a front engine. At the beginning, this model was a challenge facing Citroën Traction Avant, and soon difficulties with the heavy steering and unsynchronized gearbox appeared. The 1996 cc straight-4 engine terribly lacks power, with only 60 HP on the first version. It is in 1956 that the new Etendard engine offers 77 HP (2141 cc). In 1951, 18 153 units were produced.

Renault Frégate Transfluide 1959: A Very Spacious Sedan


The body is huge and inner space a real asset, along with the trunk. The weight of the car is 1253 kg for the sedan and 1318 kg for the station wagon. The Frégate is 4.69 m long and 1.70 m wide.The dashboard has a meter is in the style of the 4 CV  for the very first versions and the general presentation is good. The Frégate is upgraded in 1953 and the defaults have been eliminated, while the Amiral and Normal versions are proposed. The car has exceptional road-holding qualities and excellent brakes.

Renault Frégate Transfluide 1959, as seen from the rear.


For the 1954 Paris Motor Show, the engine is modified. It is now more adapted to the weight of the car, a sunroof is then optional. In 1956, as the Citroën DS is unveiled, Renault present the station wagon Domaine powered by the the new 2141 cc Etendard engine of 77 HP. This latter will equip only top versions. The Grand Pavois, a two tone luxury version then becomes Renault range most expensive model. A new oval front grille without the horizontal bar is now mounted on the Frégate.

Renault Domaine, a convenient station wagon.


Renault Domaine, a large space at the rear.


Rear view of the Renault Domaine.


In 1957, Renault propose the Transfluide as a response to the Citroën DS. It is equipped with a torque converter, an automatic clutch and a new fully synchronized three speed semi-automatic transmission, the engine then reaches 80 HP. But the slowness of the car is still here, unfortunately. The Manoir, a luxurious and expensive version of the station wagon arrives in 1958 and can be compared with the Simca Marly.

The dashboard of the Renault Domaine.


Dashboard of the Renault Frégate Transfluide sedan 1959.


A long version of the Renault Frégate existed for the French Presidency of the Republic and was not used much.

The Ondine was a prototype in plastic launched in 1953 and designed by Ghia. It will never be produced. The designers Letourneur and Marchand created magnificient convertibles from 1953 to 1960. Only 70 were built. Henri Chapron designed coaches with his characteristic roof in 1953-54. But only very few existed, 3 Transfluide were constructed in 1958 whose rear was changed and had lost their round shape.  Mignot and  Billebault proposed a beautiful version in 1955 with 4 real seats.

The Renault Frégate and Domaine were produced from 1951 to 1960 for a total of 180 463 units.

Franz Ferdinand’s Cursed Car: Graf & Stift, 1914

Humble Beginnings

The Graf & Stift company had its origins in the bicycle business, but in 1914 they already moved up. They were building high-end automobiles only a select few could afford. Among the famous people who bought a Graf & Stift were members of the Austrian Imperial Court – the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne himself, Franz Ferdinand.


A Sudden Turn

On 29 June 1914, the archduke came to visit Sarajevo. There was public unrest everywhere and people were revolting: anarchists, Serbian nationalists … It wasn’t safe. He had also been warned by the Turnfalken, the ravens which presaged disaster for the Habsburgs.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand came to Sarajevo with his wife, Duchess Sophie. They rode in their brand new Graf & Stift. As the open touring car approached the corner of Rudolph Street, shots were fired by a student anarchist called Gavrilo Princip.

Both Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were fatally wounded, but the Graf & Stift got away without even a scratch.

This event marked the start of World War One.

The Graf & Stift Curse

This event seems to have started the Curse of the Graf & Stift because all of the automobile’s later owners were either killed or injured.

In the years following the attack, the automobile of Franz Ferdinand was:

  • owned by fifteen different persons
  • involved in six accidents
  • the cause of death for thirteen people

Seven Unlucky Owners

  • General Potiorek: this Austrian general suffered a military defeat and public disgrace after buying the automobile. He then began having mental problems and died insane in an asylum.
  • The unknown army captain: the name of the next owner is unknown, but we know he died in a crash just nine days after buying the Graf & Stift. He was killed together with the two peasants who had walked onto the road in front of him.
  • The governor of Yugoslavia: the governor suffered four car accidents while he owned the Graf & Stift. He even lost his arm in the last one. The next owner was doctor Sikris, the governor’s friend. He didn’t believe in the automobile being bad luck but died six months later when the car overturned and he was crushed to death.
  • The diamond dealer: not much is known about the next owner, except that he committed suicide not long after procuring the automobile.
  • The Swiss racing driver: he suffered a terrible fate: the poor man was thrown out of the car and died on the spot.
  • A Serbian farmer: after having some trouble with the ignition, this fellow decided to tow the Graf & Stift with his wagon. The automobile fell on him and crushed him.
  • Tiber Hirshfeld: he was a Transylvanian garage owner and the very last owner of the infamous Graf & Stift (in 1926). Hirshfeld lost control of the automobile while overtaking dangerously and was killed with the crash. His passengers (he was going to a wedding with four friends) were of the same fate.

Today, The Machine of Death can be found in the War History Museum of Vienna.

However, nobody dares to sit behind the wheel of the Graf & Stift anymore …