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Tom Tom or Dumb Dumb? When Sat Navs Go Wrong

It’s all praise for the satnav – the satellite navigation system for vehicles that will always direct you to find the quickest route to your destination.  No more having a screaming row in the middle of nowhere, and throwing the maps at each other.

 That’s what most people think when they buy their first system.

Whether it is Tom Tom or any another make, how reassuring and confident that male or female voice sounds directing you towards your chosen destination. Of course because it is modern technology; it is like the Archangel “Computer” guiding you home.

It must be omnipotent and can never be wrong…

…that is until the first time it tells you, with all its authority that you must turn the wrong way into a busy “One-Way” street.

The blaring horns of the other drivers are not there to praise your choice of having Satnav the Angel travelling with you. That is probably when the first seeds of doubt about the omnipotence of the satnav may creep in, and in trusting the system you may have been “dumb dumb”.

Perhaps we should not be too hard on the system producers who appear to have tried to update them to take account of all possibility of mapping errors and road system quirks. Perhaps the problems lie more with the users.

Here are the tales of some drivers who took the words of the satnav as gospel, when they should have remembered one of the satnav’s own favourite phrases:

“Turn around when possible”!

£96,000 Mercedes written off.

This driver, on her way to a christening, was rescued from a swollen river and watched in horror as her Mercedes SL500 sports car was washed away

Ignoring the signs that said “unsuitable for motor vehicles” she followed the rough farm track, near the village of Sheepy Magna, until she came to a ford at the River Sense

Even though the waters were swift flowing and flooded due to heavy rainfall, her satnav ruled the roost and she obeyed its commands and continued, regardless of what good sense told her. Alice Clark, a 24-year-old stables owner, who rescued her, said:
“She was screaming “Help me, help me” as she struggled to get the door open. Just as I reached her the electrics went, causing the windows to open and even more water started gushing in. I desperately hauled her through the window into the river. Seconds later, the car became completely submerged as it filled with water.”
Miss Clark’s boyfriend then took the woman, who gave her name only as Hayley, to a motorway service station where a chauffeur-driven Bentley collected her.

The car, which had bumped from bank to bank 600m downstream, was trapped for a week before being hauled out and declared a right-off.

The water did not look deep – it only came halfway up the ducks!

It would appear that some drivers will follow their satnav no matter what road warning signs say.
From This is Cirencester
Drivers in Luckington have been getting that sinking feeling after trying to find a detour around a road closure in Sherston.
Satellite navigation systems and misleading signs have been blamed after dozens of motorists tried to drive through a ford at Brookend in Luckington only to get stuck in up to three feet of water.
The misleading depth gauge is causing havoc for drivers especially after heavy rain even though another sign by the ford says it is not suitable for motor vehicles.
Tom Lucarotti, 30, of Stroud Landscaping and Fencing, was one of the recent victims of the confusion, as he disovered to his cost.
“It was the first time I had tried to cross the ford, and I ended up having to call out the AA,” he told the Standard.
“The depth of the water was actually nearer three feet, I later discovered. It cost me at least £600-£700, because I had to buy another van, and take out the engine to replace the one in my vehicle.”
After the incident, Mr Lucarotti returned to the scene only to find someone else in trouble and then give them a tow out of the ford.

Enterprising farmers have been towing out stricken vehicles at £25 a time.

One local resident has been helping stranded drivers to dry out.  The lady said: ‘The other day my husband came home and I had to explain why there was a van driver’s trousers in our tumble dryer. He was sitting in his cab, shivering in his boxer shorts.’

I was only 1600 miles wrong

Syrian truck driver Necdet Bakimci was travelling from Turkey with an intended destination of Gibraltar, a journey which should have taken him through Southern Spain and to the coast of the Mediterranean. Instead his satnav took him to Gibraltar Point, an area overlooking the seaside resort of Skegness, on the North Sea coast of England.

The Sun
It took him almost an hour to turn around his truck of prestige cars. Twitcher Steven Humphreys, 57, of Burgh le Marsh, Lincs, said: “He showed me his delivery docket.
“I had my laptop and found the place on Gibraltar. Amazingly, the guy didn’t seem too upset.”
The confusion came about because the Rock of Gibraltar is considered part of the UK – and sat-nav systems would list it as such.
Necdet, working for a firm in Antakya, Turkey, near the Syrian border, was last night heading home after unloading the cars near Birmingham for onward shipping.

What’s a 100ft drop to a BMW?

Heading to a friend’s house, Robert Jones put his life in his hands when he religiously followed his satnav to the edge of a 30 meter drop.
Even though the steep rocky path became almost impossible, Robert said “I just trusted the satnav.
“It kept insisting that the path was a road even as it was getting narrower and steeper.
“I rely on my satnav, I couldn’t do without it for my job. I guess I’m lucky the car didn’t slip all the way over the edge. But it has been a bit of a nightmare.”
Apparently it took around nine hours to recover the car and police are looking into the possibility of charging him with careless driving, according to the Mirror

What’s the name of the taxi firm?

This taxi driver, on his way to pick up a fare, managed to drive 200 yards up the River Nar in Norfolk before his eight-seater minibus ground to a halt in the mud of the river bed. To cut a long story short – the satnav said drive up the river, so he did! According to reports the driver appears to want to remain nameless. According to his employers he did not remain nameless in the joke texts that were being sent around the taxi ranks the following day by other cab drivers.

The Care of a Rotary Engine: RX-7s and RX-8s

Great do-it-yourself tips to help you maintain a rotary engine.

Like your rotary? Well then you probably want to keep it alive.

These are some basic tips and maintenance procedures that will keep your rotary running smoothly and strong for many years…

Oil Change

This, as with all motors, should be one of the most important maintenance procedures. The oil should be drained and changed with oil of proper viscosity, along with a new filter every 5,000 miles or 5 months (non-turbo), and every 3,000 miles or 3 months for turbo rotaries as is recommended by Mazda. However if you want your rotary to last for a long time and keep it in top shape, change it every 3,000 miles or 3 months or so.

Warning! It is important that the oil is changed with non-synthetic mineral motor oil. The use of synthetic oils will cause damage to the apex seals of rotors and all other seal in the engine.

Synthetic motor oil= artificially created, non-natural, chemically produced motor oil to help lubrication in cylinder motors.

Checking the Oil Level

This is just as important. The rotary is a high oil consuming engine. It is estimated to consume at about a pint every 1,000 miles, but of course like all engines, as it gets older the more oil it may consume so it is best to check more often. The oil level is recommended to be checked at about every fill up of gas if not at least once a month. For abnormal driving conditions (Racing, Drifting, Mountain driving, or over 100 miles a week) should be checked about once a month. If low or even depleted below the first bar it is best to top it off using NON-SYNTHETIC motor oil.

Check the Tire Pressure

You should do this at least once a month; to make sure your tires are inflated properly. Improperly inflated tires can cause the engine to work harder, decreasing fuel economy and putting more stress on the engine, as well as loosing power. Other effects could be abnormal wear in the threads also.

Checking Other Fluids

Although they are not really part of the engine it self, the brake, clutch, and power steering fluid should be checked at least once every month, and if below the full line top of with correct fluids of correct viscosity. The low fluid levels could cause wear and damage in its components.

Another major must check fluid is the coolant. Check the coolant level when the engine is cool, when the engine is hot the coolant is less in the reservoir since it is being passed through the cooling system. Add coolant of 50/50 mixture of coolant and water if below full line when engine is cool. Adding coolant to hot engine could cause damage to the system or the engine. It is also important to check the quality of the coolant at least once a year with a coolant checker found cheap at almost any auto store. What it is, is a eye dropper looking thing with little colored beads in it which tell you, with the amount of beads floating, what is the max heat temperature is. If the coolant is no good (usually last about 5 years) flush the system and fill with new 50/50 mixture of coolant and water. Flushing also helps clean the system of any damaging particles such as rust.

Checking The Belts

Most rotary engines have 3 belts. One for the alternator,  air conditioning compressor and the power steering pump, which is all connected to the eccentric shaft pulley (which makes the rotors spin). These belts should be checked at least once a month for any damage such as cracks, grease, being glazed, etc. Don’t forget to check under the belt as well, and if damaged have it replaced with a new one. A broken belt in the middle of no where can be a real pain.

Checking Spark Plugs

If you’ve been to the site where they show how a rotary works, you should know that the spark plugs play an important role in the rotary engine as it does with any other engine. Checking the spark plugs at least every 2-3 months or best if every month will prevent any spark plug failures and loss of performance, and make sure that the engines ignition works smoothly.

Things to Remember

  • Don’t forget NOT to use synthetic motor oil, use only mineral motor oil of correct viscosity.
  • Make sure the maintenance check is done at least once every 2 months if at the worst. Refer to the above section.

It is said that the Rotary is known to flood if started and turned off before normal operating temperature is met, or at least warmed. This is usually the case with old engines, but it is said that the CPU or computer injects a large amount of fuel during start ups and if turned off before this stage is over, not all of the excess fuel may not be used and left in the compression chamber. Flooding will not happen till the next time the engine is started when again goes through the start up stage and adds the excessive amount of fuel to the chamber which is already filled partly from previous use and this could cause flooding, causing the engine to not start. If in the case of a flood the cure for this is still being researched.

Harley Exhaust Pipes Harley Exhaust Pipes

Exhaust pipes for Harley Davidson motorcycles are not a standard motorcycle part. They are made differently for several reasons. Here is a description about them on a 1980 thousand CC Harley Sportster.

Noisey Exhaust Pipes

Every Harley Davidson motorcycle is equipped with a pair of exhaust pipes that have a muffler built in them. This is done to provide a little back pressure as the engine runs. The old motorcycles tend to be kind of loud with the plain stock exhaust pipes on them. It’s just that chopper riders have wanted their rides to draw more attention. That is why they have come out with a set of pipes that run without a muffler in them.

These real noisy exhaust pipes are known by two different names. They are called straight pipes and or drag pipes. Any engine running with them cracks loudly when the rider revs it up and quickly lets off on the throttle. This type of exhaust pipe seams to work fine when the motorcycle is ridden at the sea level. That low altitude adds enough natural back pressure to make up for not having a muffler in them.

Engine Sounds

Back in the eighties most of the chopper riders didn’t like Sportsters. They generally rode a Shovel or Pan Head. Sportster riders that had a bike with a thousand CC engine could find a set of exhaust pipes that made their ride sound more like a Shovel Head. Those were straight pipes as large as those used on the larger bikes that narrowed down at the end that connected with the motorcycle head. They would clamp on just like the stock exhaust pipes did.

Bikers With Old Socks

It’s just that this form of exhaust pipe had one serious draw back. Old Harley engines tend to suck some air back into the exhaust pipes as they are shot off. Drag racers had other bikers shove grease rags into the exhaust pipe ends as they shut their drag bike off when ever the temperature was around fifty degrees and or rainy. Chopper riders could get one of their friends to help them do that with some old socks whenever the same weather surrounded them. Some of them would make sure the socks stayed in the exhaust pipes all night so they didn’t have to worry about any thing messing up the exhaust valves.

Elevation Counts

There is a drag bike baffle that bikers who used straight pipes could stick into the exhaust pipes when they started riding at a higher elevation. This little piece is round and the same size as the exhaust pipes. It has some small pieces on the inside of it that resemble fingers. The user just has to figure out how many of them should be pointing inside towards the middle. The rest can just get bent up out of the way. Once this mystery has been figured out the baffle just has to be bolted inside the set of drag pipes. One baffle into each one.

With this type of exhaust pipes the engine still roars. It then has some back pressure which gives it more power climbing any mountain. It’s just that they don’t give enough to let the biker pack his old lady and camping supplies on some run in the Rocky Mountains. The elevation gets too high.

Baffles Used

In order to fight that loss of power and still have a Harley that roars another type of exhaust pipes has been developed. They look just like straight pipes. They are a pair that actually have baffles in them. The shape makes it easy for a chopper owner to switch from straight pipes to them. The exhaust pipes fit easily around a pair of forward controls just like the ones they replace did. The exhaust pipes are still loud enough to get the Harley chopper rider in trouble while in some place that has an exhaust pipe noise restriction. Some users continue to stuff the exhaust pipes with old socks as the engine gets shut off during stormy weather.

Illegal Noise

Not every place allows motorcycles to make a lot of noise. Many of them only allow stock exhaust pipes. Harley riders there don’t have to worry. Old iron head Sportsters are very loud with the baffled exhaust pipes. It’s just that the bikers who still ride one of those old choppers with a set of forward controls have a hard time changing back to that kind of exhaust pipe. The forward pipe rubs up against the rear brake fluid container because that part has to bolt on the forward control on the same side as the exhaust pipes run.

The front cylinder exhaust pipe needs to be dented inward when it rubs against the brake fluid container. That inward dent doesn’t make any difference on how the exhaust pipe performs. It already has a muffler in it so no extra back pressure is added. When necessary the Sportster chopper owner can use stock exhaust pipes and renew enough back pressure to ride up at any altitude. He can pack his old lady and a lot of camping gear. That old four speed transmission isn’t a problem any more.

Custom Parts Tools

To get some things done without spending too much many chopper riders have had to learn how to use the hack saw they inherited. A few clues help: Hacksaw User Manual.

A Few Tips on How to Take Care of Your Motorcycle Saddlebag

Motorcycle saddlebags are indeed quite the rage these days. And why should not they be? Motorcycle saddlebags are really handy and can be used for varying purposes from carrying personal  items to using them for storage for delivery purposes, saddlebags are the must have accessory for this season.

Now that everyone seems to be carrying a motorcycle saddlebag, it is very important that one be aware of its maintenance and how to take care of it. The following tips can facilitate you to take good care of your saddlebag so that it is always in good condition and helps you with the purpose you bought it for.

(1) The first most important suggestion is that you choose the right cleaning solution for a leather motorcycle saddlebag. Not only should be the cleaning solution of very good quality but rather it needs to be made sure that it does not contain any harmful chemicals that can cause your saddlebag any damage. Thus ensure that you have read the labels of the chemical with great detail. Moreover it is best to opt for a mild cleaning solution so that the color or quality of the saddlebag is not affected. Also dilute the cleaning solution with water and always use a cloth to clean it and never directly onto the surface.

Another important precaution that needs to be taken is that while cleaning your motorcycle saddlebag with these cleansers, it is preferable that it be done outdoors as these chemicals can be toxic and injurious to health. However it you still choose to do it indoors then ensure proper ventilation so as to avoid inhaling the toxins.

(2) The next important suggestion is conditioning your saddlebag however conditioning is something that does not need to be done frequently rather it is beset to do it once every two weeks. This helps in maintaining the limberness and flexibility of the saddlebag as overdoing could have the adverse affects. Conditioning the saddlebag ensures that your saddlebag looks new for many years to come.

More than often people make this grave mistake of using petroleum products which considerably damage the leather so avoid using petroleum products or products containing petroleum as this has serious adverse affects on the quality of the leather. So it is best to using conditioners that can easily infiltrate into the fibers instead of damaging it.

(3) Anything done in excess can damage your motorcycle saddlebag while you are cleaning it. When polishing the leather of the saddlebag remember to not overdo it rather an occasional polish would suffice. If you keep doing it regularly then it would clog the leather and deteriorate the leather quality. When using a polish cream, make sure that you spread it evenly and not just focus on a specific area or zone.

(4) Water can obviously erode the leather quality and damage it so it is best to use a water protector so as to avoid the damage. One way to do is to apply mink oil or a silicone spray. It is noticed that the leather becomes a shade darker by using such products so first test the product on a smaller surface to see if any discoloration occurs.

Do not place the saddlebag in front of a heated zone for drying purposes as this will make the oil penetrate into the bag and cause it to dry out. The best option is to let it dry at room temperature.

This is all that you need to do to keep your saddlebag looking new and in pristine condition. If you religiously follow the aforementioned tips, you will see that you can keep using your motorcycle saddlebag for years to come while it still looks new.

The Four Ways to Sell a Car

Ever wondered how to sell a car? Here are four ways you can do it.

Private sale

This is the most popular way. It involves placing an ad for your car and letting people come to your home to check it out.

  • Pros

This is the easiest way to negotiate the best price for your car.

  • Cons

You have to invest a considerable amount of time to write the ad, upload photos, arrange times when people can come to your home. Also, you have to give out some private information, such as your phone number and street address. Even though today you can  Google everything, many people still feel uneasy about this.


A trade-in involves going to a used car dealer and trading in your old car for a better model.

  • Pros

You don’t waste time on arranging meetings and dealing with no shows.

  • Cons


The next way is going to a car auction and selling your car there, directly to the person who comes up with the best offer.

  • Pros

You don’t have to invest as much effort in being a salesperson. Also, there are many potential buyers at auctions. If you have a fairly decent car, chances are you’ll have people overbidding each other in no time.

  • Cons

Going to an auction as a seller also comes with a couple of overhead expenses, such as an entry fee and a commission you’ll have to pay to the auction house.


Consignment involves “giving over” your car to a salesperson working in a used car salon and letting them handle the sales.

  • Pros

The obvious pro here is you have a professional salesperson working for you, meaning you don’t have to deal with the sales directly.

  • Cons

You’ll have to pay a commission fee to the salesperson and the salon.


Choose a way that best fits your needs, whether it’s truly getting your money’s worth or completing the sale as quickly as possible.

Rental Vans – Why They are Better Than Normal Sedans

When it comes to choosing a rental car, there are a lot of different things to consider. Rental vans are one option that you have when you need something that offers a little more than a traditional sedan. If you are taking a trip by.

When it comes to choosing a rental car, there are a lot of different things to consider. Van rentals are an option you have when you need something that offers little more than a traditional sedan. If you are taking a trip alone or with another person, a sedan might be fine. However, if you are taking a trip with a group or even your family, it is often better to have more space and better facilities in transport, where utility vans.

Van rentals offer more space, more amenities, and more options for travelers who are in need of something better. You can choose from a variety of sizes and styles of vans to suit your needs, no matter what you have in mind. Rental cars are always an affordable solution for any holiday, allowing you to explore on your own, and often cost less than it would be public transportation while on vacation. Before taking any holiday, you should explore the options to rent cars and find the one that best suits your needs. Here are some of the reasons most rental vans are better than typical sedans:

Best Rates

  • More space for loading and belongings
  • More options and features included
  • It is easier loading and unloading
  • With a capacity for more people

There are a lot of different things like having an SUV instead of a car during your vacation. Of course, the above benefits are often the most common things that people have in mind about their method of transport. If you choose a rental van that can fit more people or things in the car so you can have a big party with plenty of space for everyone, or everything.

There is much that will choose the best options for your vacation rental. However, when you are thinking of vans for hire, you can trust them to give you the space and the benefits you deserve from your car hire. You do not have to spend a fortune and can find a lot of different styles to choose from that are sure to meet your needs. No matter what type of vacation you are planning, you need to consider whether a van that will be the best choice for your transportation needs. In many cases, will provide more features than you imagined at an affordable price that can be seen.

You Can Get Number Plates for Sale in Auctions and Companies Dealing in Number Plate

The various ways in which you can get the cheap rated plates.

Presently the popularity of number plates is increasing widely and lots of people are now using personalized vehicle registration numbers on their cars. These are no longer considered as a way of showing luxury but with the varieties of cheap plates available in the market it has become a common fact. Personalized number plates are used for registering cars and they are combined with letters and numbers. These are unique plates that set apart from the normal car registrations.

Importance of a plate

Today these plates are considered to be one of the most demanding car accessories in the market and everyone if trying to purchase their own personal license plates. These plates enable car owners to get their own identity in the crowd of other vehicles. Generally, you will see that the prices of these plates are starting from £99 and their price extends even beyond the budget that is meant for a family in an entire year. There are more than 30 million number plates in the market and it is quite difficult to get an affordable which comes within your budget. While estimating these plates there are no hard bound rules to get the best number plate but it is advised to search the market thoroughly to get the top quality product at a fair price.

While purchasing a new number plate for yourself a car dealer will look out for your age and the rarity of the registration in order to estimate the price value. Generally, old and rare plates.

Consideration while purchasing a new plate

Cherished plates are more costly than the latest personalized numbers. Usually, the numbers are arranged and released in order which also sometimes affect the price of the present number plates. Due to this reason nowadays private companies tend to release short series that are valuable and rarer. The lower the number the more is its value like if you opt for the number 1 plate then obviously it will be most expensive and sought after. Other than this, if also you purchase a new plate that includes a rare name or a word then the price will be quite high than the common plates.

Dateless plates

Valuable registrations are generally short and dateless. They consist of only one digit and letter. These kinds of plates are more valuable in comparison to personalized plates because of the dateless feature which means that no age can be identified by looking at the registration numbers. In this number plates a letter is used first followed by one or more number and they are more expensive in contrast to those that are manufactured with a number followed one or more letters.

If you want number plates for sale then you should always keep notice of the auctions that are being held in your localities. You can easily get cherished plates in these kinds of events at low rates than what is prevailing in the market. Number plates for sale are also the best option to gift someone on an occasion but while purchasing you name will appear in the books as a buyer and the person to whom you are planning to gift will be named as a nominee.

World Fame 10 Astronomical Aircraft Hangars

What is an Aircraft Hangar?

An aircraft hangar is a steel room designed for aircraft storage. It’s built using steel and other metals and has built-in arch systems, such as the Banyan Steel Arch System.

  • British Aerospace (Hatfield)

This spacious hangar is fire-proof and has its own heating system. It also has fully automated electrical doors and a built-in anemometer. An anemometer is a device used to measure wind speed and direction. It prevents opening the door from opening in case of heavy winds.

  • Dubai International Air Port (U.A.E)

The world’s largest airline-owned hangar is 600 meters wide and 110 meters tall. It is equipped with smoke detectors and smoke and fire detectors.

  • Manston Airport

This large hangar was constructed for aircraft repair and maintenance. The main area of this hangar is 52 meters by 115 meters.

  • Shannon Airport (Ireland)

This hangar was built for Aer Rianta, an airport retail holding and management company that supplies cargo worldwide. It is 76 meters wide and 20 meters tall, with the company administration building located right next to the hangar.

  • Manchester International Airport

This hangar is mainly used for repair and maintenance of airline-owned aircraft. It spans 85 meters in width.

  • Scatsta Airport (Shetland Isles)

This is Scatsta Airport’s dedicated helicopter hangar made of two buildings. It is 7.5 meters tall and 80 meters wide. A small portion of the roof is made of polycarbonate and has factory assembled roof lights for natural light.

  • Biggin Hill Airport (London)

This airport and the accompanying hangar are arguably the most beautiful and stylish in the UK. The hangar has fully automated doors and is completely remote-controlled. Its entrance is 56.9 meters wide and 10.2 meters tall. Its VIP terminal caters to the needs of international clientele.

  • Suvarnabhumi Airport

When it was opened in 2006, Bangkok’s international airport had the biggest commercial airline hangar in the world. It can house even the largest aircraft and provide the highest level of safety and quality. This hangar was made in compliance with all the standards required by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).

Here’s another fun fact: the weight of its roof is 10.000 tones – more than the weight of the entire Eiffel Tower!

  • Lufthansa Technik Malta Triple Arch Span Hangar

This is another hangar that provides aircraft maintenance and repair to clients from all over the world and is a major source of employment. The hangar complex is made of three buildings: two are 90 meters by 90 meters and the third one has a 90 meters by 66 meters total area.

The weight of the doors on this hangar is an impressive 332 tonnes.

Will The Ft-86 Live Up to The Hype?

This past decade, Toyota has cut pretty much all of their sporty cars. There was the MR2, the Supra, the Celica… now all that’s left are the “SE” versions of existing cars, none of which are very exciting. However, they might change things with the FT-86. It’s billed as a small, lightweight sportscar, a spiritual successor to the cult favorite AE86 Trueno/Levin. However, the beloved 86 was a sportier version of the affordable Corolla, while the new Toyota/Subaru joint project is a standalone model. Toyota has also been plagued by the recent tragedies in Japan as well as the controversy over stuck accelerator pedals. New sportscar projects aren’t always successful. Honda’s CR-Z, seemingly a revolution in sporting vehicles, has been widely criticized as underpowered. It seems Honda was attempting to use the CR-Z as a real-world test bed to research hybrid technology in sporty cars.

Sure, the FT-86 may have increased power compared to the original to compensate for its weight, and of course it’s being tested on Germany’s famous Nurburgring, but will Toyota’s new, more cautious mentality towards creating and marketing cars hurt its potential? If this project is a failure, consumers may be forced to look towards Lexus for an exhilarating drive, leaving customers without the means to purchase an upscale car hanging.

Which is Better, a Full-sized Folding Bike or a Small-wheeled Folding Bike? Why is One Better Than The Other?

Which is Better, a Full-sized Folding Bike or a Small-wheeled Folding Bike? Why is One Better Than The Other?

Full-sized folding bikes are approximately half the size of a standard bicycle. They are allowed on most trains and can fit on boats and RVs easier. However, they are just too big when compared to small-wheeled folding bikes.

Full-sized folding bikes are approximately half the size of a standard bicycle. They are allowed on most trains and can fit on boats and RVs easier. However, they are just too big when compared to small-wheeled folding bikes. Big wheel folders have an average size (volume) of 36”x36”x13”=16,848 in3, whereas most small wheeled folding bikes are around 32”x23”x12”=8,832 in3. This means you can almost fit two 20” wheel folding bicycles in the space taken by one full-sized folding bike. Hence, small-wheeled folding bikes make much more efficient use of space.

Small-wheeled folders have other advantages over their bigger wheeled cousins. Smaller wheels are more efficient up until 16 mph; hence, bigger wheeled bikes are harder to climb hills and slower on recreational rides.

Nowadays, most bikes are of very good quality, so buying a good bike is easy. However, a shopper must make sure the bike fits their body properly. Most 20” wheel folding bikes are one-size-fits-all from 4’8” to 6’2”. How is that possible? The seat tube on a 20” folder is angled back behind the bottom bracket; hence, it increases the virtual top tube length as the seat post is raised (and decreased as it is lowered). The higher a rider lifts the seat post, presumably the longer is their inseam; thus, the top tube length is also increased (likewise, a shorter rider will have a shorter virtual top tube length). Small wheeled bikes really are one-size-fits-all. Unfortunately, big wheeled folding bikes do not share this feature, since their seat tube lies on top of the bottom bracket.

Hence, you need to make sure the frame size (seat tube length) fits your body; otherwise, you will find yourself crunched up or leaning too far forward.
Big-wheeled bikes have some advantages: they absorb more road shock to keep the rider comfortable.
Additionally, they are more efficient on rough terrain (unpaved roads or dirt trails). They are also safer to ride on mountain bike trails. Small wheeled bikes have a habit of rotating around large objects such as rocks, and of throwing the rider off the bike.

Overall, big-wheeled folding bikes are nice and compact, about half the size of a normal bike. However, smaller wheeled folding bikes are about half the size of the big-wheeled folders, and that seems ideal for commuting, flying, boating, and RVs. Two small-wheeled folding bikes can fit into a standard car trunk, as opposed to one big-wheeled folder. The small-wheeled folders can fly on airlines with no oversize fees. They are also designed to be a one-size-fits-all option, so the entire family can enjoy one bike.  Big-wheeled folding bikes are more comfortable and safer on the rough stuff; however, they cannot match the advantages of their 20” wheel little brothers. If you shop around, you will find that more than 80% of folding bikes have smaller wheels.

Please shop around and decide your preference on your own