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Pre-road Trip Maintenance Tips

With summer in full swing, you’ve probably been on quite a few adventures and have a few more lined up.

The road trip is the hallmark of any summer vacation, but amidst the bags, kids, and sunscreen, many people forget to give their cars a thorough once over before setting off. Mid-trip breakdowns aren’t uncommon and can put a large damper on your fun, so get out the floor jack and the motor oil. Here are a few pre-road trip maintenance tips.

Hoses: Check your hoses for any blisters or bulges, which indicate weakness in the hoses’ walls. If you find any cracks, replace the hoses. Purchase a hose patching kit at your local auto store just in case.

Engine Oil: Check your oil levels. If you’re due for an oil change soon, go ahead and get it changed a little early. Make sure you use a high-quality oil to protect your engine’s longevity and maintain maximum fuel economy, helping you save money at the pump.

Coolant: When you’re driving for long periods of time in the summer, coolant is what will keep your engine from reaching nuclear temperatures. Newer cars come with coolant designed to go 100,000 to 150,000 miles. Make sure your coolant reservoir is topped off, but avoid mixing different coolant types.

Brakes: Brake fluid attracts and absorbs moisture. As it ages, it begins to rust your brake components. Check your brake fluid, making sure it is not the color of maple syrup. Top off your fluid if it’s not at the right mark. It’s a good idea to take your car to a mechanic, who can use a car lift to check the brake pads and rotors properly.

Transmission and other fluids: Your other fluids have their own change intervals, but they tend to last longer than your engine oil. Still, if your car has over 75,000 miles on it and you haven’t checked these fluids yet, you should take your car in for a change or refill.

Belts: Turn your belts to their sides by hand to see the friction surface. They should look relatively smooth, but if you see any tears, cracks, or visible fibers, change them out. Your mechanic can easily do this, but if you’re so inclined, you may do them yourself or carry a spare set of belts as a precaution.

Tire pressure: Tires that are even slightly deflated will decrease your fuel economy and cause the tire to run hotter and wear unevenly, leading to a potential blowout. Check the driver’s side door jamb or your owner’s manual for the proper pressure. You can refill your tires with air at most gas stations. Make sure you have a bottle jack and spare tire in case. Flat tires are a common occurrence during any road trip.

Bon voyage!

New Yamaha Yzf-r15 Spyshot Again, Closer to be Reality

New Yamaha YZF-R15 Spyshot Again, Closer to be Reality.

Again and Again the appearance of awaited-bike by two-wheel lovers, New Yamaha YZF-R15 greet the bikers through the spyshot in cyberspace again. After previously appeared the spyshot YZF-R15 was tested on a highway, now reappeared a the spyshot New Yamaha YZF-R15 with a very clear picture like in a room. In that Picture seems a blue Yamaha YZF-R15 with the typical livery of Yamaha Racing, in the picture also appears the other YZF-R15 with black color in the several distance.

New Yamaha Yzf-r15 Spyshot Again, Closer to be Reality

With this latest the spyshot, it seems the arrival of New Yamaha YZF-R15 closer to reality. Yes, because the first version of Yamaha YZF-R15 like under the shadow of the All New Honda CBR150R and the CBR250R. So, YZF-R15 must be completely changed both the appearance and performance to chalenge

In addition, Perhaps deliberately spread spyshot the New Yamaha YZF-R15 to disturb the movement of Honda that was launching the All New Honda CBR150R in India and Indonesia. So, the potential customers will choose to delay the purchase of the All New Honda CBR150R and wait for a the New Yamaha YZF-R15 is. The possibility of new Yamaha YZF-R15 will be present in about a half of 2012.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution to End in 2013

For 19 years now, that the Lancer Evolution has been with us, during it’s lifespan, it has evolved ten times, with each Evolution, the car has been improved, then facelifted, then improved some more, then a whole new design. Thanks to Mitsubishi’s tuning house, Ralli Art, they have kept updating the car, in the beginning, the car would go through changes every 1-3 years, until you get to their latest, and last creation, the Evolution X (roman numeral for 10), which entered production back in 2007, as 2008 models, but since then, nothing on it has been updated or changed, just updated trim levels.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution to End in 2013

But a year ago, things have changed, Ralli Art has pulled out of racing and development, being scaled down, to only make performance parts of current cars by Mitsubishi, and because of this, the Evolution has been feared to being ended as well. For months, Mitsubishi has tried to find a way on how to continue the Lancer Evolution, as it’s main rival, the Subaru Impreza, is still continuing production. Some ideas that circulated about Mitsubishi, some strong rumors of the future of the Evolution, to be a hybrid, or a plug-in electric car. Since Mitsubishi is heading toward a new eco-friendly direction with more hybrids and plug-in cars.

After this time, Mitsubishi has decided to end production of the Evolution, but later decided to end the production sometime in 2013, to please their supporters and fans, but also, Mitsubishi could be planning something and be in need of more time to figure out how the future outlooks will be for the company. Since ending the Evolution could be bad for business, because everyone who would normally buy this car, could easily buy an Impreza instead, and the Evolution has been selling in high numbers for years.

Currently, Mitsubishi isn’t releasing any information about the future of the Evolution, but one thing is for certain, they will come to the podium soon, or at least before the Evolution X ends production.

Koenigsegg Agera

Here you can see little about Koenigsegg Agera, one of the best cars in 2011…

Following its unveiling at this year s geneva motor show, koenigsegg has spilled the mean beans on its new hero car, the agera r power for the agera r is provided by. Koenigsegg agera – bbc top gear search results. Koenigsegg agera: 2010 geneva auto show koenigsegg agera picture koenigsegg of sweden will show the agera supercar at the geneva auto show march 01, 2010 koenigsegg. Koenigsegg agera koenigsegg unveils its all-new 1115bhp, bugatti veyron challenging agera r supercar video, news and pictures here. 2011 koenigsegg agera r – koenigsegg agera at 2011 geneva auto koenigsegg agera 2011 details and exotic car pictures and wallpapers at dieselstation – fuel for your desktop.

Bing: koenigsegg agera the koenigsegg agera r (2011) this year at the geneva motor show koenigsegg is presenting the brand new agera r – quicker than lightning the agera r on the koenigsegg. New koenigsegg agera r video and pictures 2011 geneva motor show pistonheads mobile: koenigsegg koenigsegg agera r supervettura sales limited are proud to announce it s partnership with koenigsegg as the official uk dealer. Koenigsegg agera r performance figures revealed koenigsegg celebrate 15 years of making dream cars, by unleashing their latest jewel – the koenigsegg agera a new supercar aimed to take the koenigsegg experience to. Koenigsegg agera at the 2011 geneva motor show.

Key Terms for Logistics Jobs

Want to have a job in the logistics industry? Here are terms you need to know.

Manufacturers need to get products to consumers to buy. Both the manufacturers and consumers rely on jobs in the logistics industry to perform this task. Logistics jobs provide the best to get goods and services directly into the hands of the consumer market. The industry provides many types of logistics jobs including transportation and delivery of goods, overseeing production lines and managing inventory.

Here are some of the terms you need to know about the logistics industry:

Logistics Support Analysis (LSA)

LSA is the process that determines the requirements for any new logistical system. The analysis assists the company in determining that the system will perform as it should within the parameters of affordability and support.

Just-in-time Inventory

Just-in-time inventory is a method that controls the time and amount of inventory for optimal production. The process allows suppliers to receive shipments in time for production.


The process of consignment is where good are put in the hands of a third party in order to transport or sell goods.

Bill of Lading

A bill of lading is a document working in the same capacity as a receipt of goods for shipment. This type of bill is issued by the carrier and details all of the terms of shipment.


A manifest is a type of document that lists the contents of a shipment. The manifest is used on aircraft, ships, trains or trucks. This is the most common way to keep track of shipments over multiple transportation methods.

Tare Weight

The tare weight of any container is the weight of the container itself excluding the weight of the product shipment contained inside.

It’s Dark

One thing about writing columns ladies and gentlemen I never expected to get rich doing this; I’ve Been writing for about 4 years now and the reason why is two fold 1. I’m a progressive and I’m don’t like what’s going right now and I always ask for a better way to do things; And for you to think before you do any thing that protect you and every one else too. any thing that happens to the poor any the middle class could happen to you just as easily as it happened to them they are your neighbors and your friends and maybe even your family too. the second reason is so simple that it will astound you; I love to write and there are time then you see two or three columns a day appear here and at times I spend 12 to 18 hours reading and writing about what I saw up here. But writing Is the love of my life and just wish I could turn this over to my son and have him make some out of this for him self too. But my daughter don’t believe theirs any thing here in the first place; The Idea of this column isn’t to enrich my self by doing some thing I love the Idea is to find a way forward .

A way to help you do what you want and will make you happier in life and a method for you to do that; And as I look around the net if run into more places like indigogo you’ll the first to know. I agree with Thom who said he’d like to them lighten up the bankruptcy laws where in you try and fail you can get back up and start over till you succeed instead of winner takes all; And I agree with more then 2 parties too more Ideas that what we need more Ideas.

Ironhead Sportster Electric Start Problems Fixed

In nineteen eighty the Ironhead Sportster no longer came equiped with just a kick starter. Motorcycles like the thousand CC XLH model just had an electric starter. Even though a kick starter kit was available most of the bikers back then could not afford one. This is how the electric starter problems got fixed.

Since several of the Harley Davidson Ironhead Sportster XLH model mororcycles only had an electric starter the owners manual had a chapter that covered the electric starter. When a biker started having electric starter problems the Ironhead Sportster Electric Start owners manual usually had to get drug out. Chapter five was titled Electric Starter System. That made finding the repair information a lot easier than trying to find out how to fix some thing like lifter rod rubber o-rings. Why were bikers supposed to rely on some fancy new gadget instead of just being able to kick start their Sportster?

Ironhead Sportster Electric Start Troubleshooting

After specifications description the first page of chapter five starts out in Ironhead Sportster electric start troubleshooting. There are the following four things to check out. First of all check the mounting and wiring connections. Then the manual tells Ironhead Sportster riders to check the battery. After that the manual tells you that if the battery passes the test one should check the handlebar starter switch, the RUN-OFF switch, the starter relay or the solenoid switch. It tells bikers to check each switch by passing it with a jumper. The Fourth thing mentioned is excessive friction in the engine caused by tight bearings.  Why isn’t such a high class piece of equipment like this totally trouble free?

Ironhead Sportster Electric Start Problems Fixed

Ironhead Sportster Electric Start Wiring

The Ironhead Sportster Electric Start wiring is just about the easiest piece to inspect. That is because the electric starter power reaches it from the battery through the solenoid. The starter just has one heavy wire reaching it directly from the starter solenoid. One just has to double check those wires and make sure the nuts are tight enough or take the wire ends off and make sure they are clean enough to make good connection. It might even be that the wiring is too old and worn out to let the power flow through good enough to make the Ironhead Sportster electric start crank freely. Why should custom motorcycle riders learn about electric contact cleaner?

Ironhead Sportster Electric Start Mounting

When the Ironhead Sportster Electric Start Mounting needs to be checked out it helps to skip electric starter cleaning inspection and repair. The ending of the chapter has a paragraph titled Installation. That chapter tells 1980 Ironhead Sportster riders to tighten the two starter mounting bolts to 13-20 ft lbs torque. This keeps the starter in place so it can actually turn the engine over easier. Why doesn’t the owners manual advise riders to use lock tight befoire the two mounting bolts get tightened down?

Ironhead Sportster Electric Start Battery

The Ironhead Sportster electric start battery is just about the simplest thing to check out. The manual tells you to check the battery state of charge. That can easily be done in the motorcycle shed with a volt meter. Out of the shed in some parking lot a real dim head light tells that the battery isn’t fully charged. One can also check and see if the battery cables have vibrated loose. The Ironhead Sportster electric starter draws so much the battery charge makes a large difference. Why can’t old electric charging systems keep up with technical advances?

Ironhead Sportster Electric Start Current Flow

One must make sure the Ironhead Sportster electric start current flow is not messed up. The owners manual tells you that if the battery is charged but there is no current flow to the starter , check the handlebar starter switch, RUN-OFF switch, starter relay or the solenoid switch. Check each switch by passing it with a jumper. The solenoid switch is so important that the manual goes on to give a detailed way to check one out when one gets to do it alone in some motorcycle shed. Why isn’t there some fancy computer tool to check all this out beside some road in the dark yet?

Ironhead Sportster Electric Start Excessive Friction

Another reason a problem could occur is because of Ironhead Sportster excessive friction. Excessive friction in the engine caused by tight bearings, tight pistons or too heavy oil makes the engine harder to turn over. If the engine is in good condition and all these checks okay, the trouble is in the starter motor. Since the oil has to be changed with the seasons there can be times when sixty weight can still be used while it freezes at night. Riders can put an electrical heater beside the engine and let it warm up a bit before trying to start it. The only problem with this solution is that the engine might bet too cold again while parked some where in town. With some luck the engine might be tuned up and will start again after some slow turns. Why to air cooled engines warm up differently than the ones cooled by radiators?

Ironhead Sportster Electric Start Solenoid

While back home in some motorcycle shed the Ironhead Sportster electric start solenoid can be tested. It is not necessary to remove the solenoid to test for continuity. The manual says to use the following procedure. Warning, disconnect the battery cables, negative cable first, to prevent accidential start up of vehicle and possible personal injury. Disconnect wires from solenoid. See figure 5-9. Connect a 12 volt battery to solenoid terminals A and C. Use a jumper wire between the plus battery terminal and solenoid terminal B. When connection is made a click should be heard, and if used the test light should go on. If click or heavy spark at the terminal does not accrue, the solenoid is shorted out and must be replaced. Why should this testing be done at home instead of out in the middle of nowhere?

Ironhead Sportster Electric Start Ignition

Some riders had to change the Ironhead Sportster ignition when the stock electronic one went out. That’s why some 1980 XLCH motorcycles have pints. It is just that when the generator doesn’t fully recharge the motorcycle battery enough to use the electric starter these motorcycles can be push stared and ridden home. In order to prevent this hassle several riders would make sure the Ironhead Sportster got ridden long enough between starts to give the generator a better chance of fully charging the motorcycle battery. The electric start made several Ironhead Sportster riders learn exactly how to push start their rides instead of calling for help. Why isn’t push starting explained in any owners manual?

How to Ride a Motorcycle

A quick tutorial on how to get moving on a motorbike.

Okay so you wanna ride a motorbike…

Well here is my written step by step instruction on how to ride a motorcycle for the first time. Because this is a written tutorial you will have to have some basic knowledge of the different parts of the bike. For a video tutorial check out my youtube channel.

Step 1

First thing you want to do is get on the bike start it up, if it is in neutral hold in the clutch found on the left handle bars and shift down into first gear with the gear shifter, located by the left foot peg. Now what you want to do is slowly let the clutch out until the bike starts to move this is known as the friction zone. Now pull the clutch back in and continue practising that till you get a good feel for the friction zone.

Step 2

After practising that for a while all you want to do now is bring the revs up to about 3000 rpm and slowly let out the clutch and as the bike starts to move the revs should start to drop and you want to continue giving the bike more throttle keeping the revs up around 3000 rpms. And eventually you should be able to let the clutch out fully and get the bike moving.

Its as simple as that.

A couple things you may need to know…

if you let the clutch out to quickly the bike will stall

If the revs are high and you let the clutch out to fast the bike may do a wheelie

when coming to a stop you have to pull in the clutch or the bike will stall

How The Ford Mustang Got Its Name

Every car enthusiast knows Ford’s famous Ford Mustang. The smooth car that is strong, durable, and very fast, but do you know how this beauty got its name?

If you’ve ever seen a Ford Mustang – which you should have – then you know that iconic horse on the front of the car. There have always been theories about why it’s there, and why the car is named a Mustang.

Like many ill-informed people out there, you’d likely think the Ford Mustang is named after the mustang horse. In a nutshell, a mustang is a famous horse known for its strength, stamina, and speed, like the car. A mustang is also known for its untamed freedom. So it’s definitely an ideal image for an awesome car. However, the car isn’t named after the horse.

You’ve likely heard whispers of the Ford Mustang actually being named after an airplane. Officially, this is actually true. There are a plethora of theories out there, but Ford’s official story behind the naming is from the American P-51 Mustang. The P-51 Mustang is one of the Allies’ major advantages during World War 2. This fighter airplane is known for falling many Luftwaffe.

Originally, the idea of putting an icon of the P-51 Mustang on the Ford car was thrown into the brainstorm, but it just didn’t make sense. Honestly, an airplane on a car. That wouldn’t make sense would it? And so they found the icon of a mustang horse more attracting. Youths at the time the Ford Mustang was developed found the car very attracting. The car is ever evolving, and its quality has only ever been improving.

Poke around the net, and you’ll find many similar traits between the fighter plane and the car. No matter what the story is behind the Ford Mustang, whether you want to think the Ford Mustang as a plane, a horse, or simply a car, is up to you.

To learn more about me, click here for a quick bio of myself. If you’d like to look into my personal life and thoughts, click here to visit my personal blog.

How One Can Help Make Getting Bad Credit Auto Loans Easier for Yourself

Recovery from a crisis is challenging. Quite often, these crises leave us with poor credit standing, making borrowing much more difficult for them. Below are ways on how to find the right bad credit car loans provider and make the most out of them.

Money is difficult to come by. It is less so in times of personal crisis. A lot of things could cause us to reach that kind of predicament, like accidents, health problems, losing a job, divorce, or natural disasters. Often, such stressful situations have hurt many people’s credit standing, making their lives hard in a credit-driven society. It makes it tough for them to get loans of any kind as a large number of creditors are scared to give those with bad credit standing. The same thing goes for auto loans. This forces those with bad credit standing needing to change their car to debate whether or not they should save up for their payments, or buy acar. Fortunately, other businesses provide bad credit car loans so there’s no need to do that.

Bad credit auto loans are here to help people with bad credit standing buy a car. There are actually options for both new and used vehicles available. There are certain things to contemplate while you are looking for a lender online to make the process go easier:

How connected are they with actual lenders?

A web-based firm connected with an actual lender that lends straight to clients is a good asset. This is because it provides you with the opportunity to get your loan application approved in a timely fashion before you go for your local car dealership. Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to shop like a cash buyer if that’s what you wish to do.

How affiliated are they with car dealers?

Connection with a car dealer is useful. These generally appear in the form of a person or department in the car dealership who specializes in bad credit car loans. This enables the company be with you every step of the way. In the event that something goes wrong with the purchasing process, they can intervene on your behalf to clear the problem.

What are the extra services and conditions of the business?

While there is an overall similarity in the process for securing financial loans from businesses giving bad credit auto loans, they don’t always have the same set of extra services and conditions. Whether it’s the service of auto refinancing, or anything else that allows you to get a good deal, be sure they have what you’re searching for. The same thing goes for conditions on where and when the financial loans and their respective benefits would apply and what the payment schemes are acceptable or not.

Other ways to make applying for auto loans easier:

It needs to be pointed out that the deals get better as your credit standing improves. This is because if you have better credit score, creditors give you more flexibility in bargaining for a better agreement. You can improve it by paying your debt on time. If you can pay earlier, do it. Remember also to reduce unnecessary expenditures.

Coping with a financially draining personal problems isn’t easy. The same can be said for not having a properly working auto. With bad credit auto loans, you’ve got a chance at getting a car without needing to compromise your attempt at increasing your bad credit score. Make sure you keep the above tips in mind because these may go far in helping you make the most out of these services.

Ronnie Brown is an insurance broker helping clients recover from bad credit car loans. For more information regarding how to make the most out of these services, read up about bad credit auto loans.