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Auto Transport in Six Easy Steps

There are times when moving to a different state does not only include you and your family but also your vehicle. Now this can be tasking because home movers cannot move vehicles, what you will need is an auto transport.

There are times when moving to a different state does not only include you and your family but also your vehicle. Now this can be tasking because home movers cannot move vehicles, what you will need is an auto transport. Choosing the right auto transport is also another stressful activity because you just don’t know which one top pick. There are a lot of auto transport companies out there and picking the perfect one that you can trust your car with is just daunting.

In order to help you, I will in this article, show you how to choose a carrier in six easy steps. If you follow these steps, for sure, you will land in the perfect carrier to ship your car and with that, you can devote your time to other important stuffs. Here are the steps:

1.      Pick a company that is known to be trustworthy

Trusting a company to ship your beloved piece of property is just nerve racking. In order to have peace of mind, you need to pick one that is really reputed to be trustworthy. Now how are you going to find one? Simple, all you need to do is go to the Better Business Bureau’s website and look for companies that have good ratings and list them down. Further you search by looking for reviews of these companies online. Once you’ve established the reputation of a company, then that‘s the time that you contact them.

2.      Get some auto transport quotes and compare them

Ask each of the companies that made it through your list a detailed auto transport quote. The auto transport quotes need to be itemized so that you can see all the charges and avoid the hidden ones. Look closely at the quotes and pick the one that will give you an affordable price for the services that you want.

3.      Make sure you are given an insurance coverage

Make sure that in the auto transport quote, you will find an entry on the insurance coverage. You should at least have a cargo and liability coverage because this is the legal minimum. You should also ask your own car insurance company if your coverage includes auto transport.

4.      Submit your car for pre-shipping inspection

After you have decided on what carrier to ship your car, the next thing that you need to do is to submit it to a pre-shipping inspection. Make sure that all the current damages of your car are accounted for and you can help on this by cleaning it up. Ask the truck driver to sign the condition report and furnace you with a copy of it.

5.      Keep an open line of communication

Starting from the day that your car leaves the auto transport terminal, you must maintain an open communication with your shipper. This is very important because if there is a need to inform you of something, the carrier can always call you out. You have to remember that there are always possible mishaps on the road and when they do happen, you need to know of it immediately.

6.      Submit your car to a post-shipping inspection

When your car arrives at the terminal of the carrier, you have to submit it to a post-shipping inspection. It is important that at this point, you or an authorized representative will be present to check if there are any new damages in your car. If there are indeed some that are present, you must immediately claim for reimbursement.

If you are finding it hard to ship your car, follow these steps and for sure you will find it easy. You don’t need to spend all of your energy in shipping your car because there are better things that you can spend it with.

Art for Car’s Sake or Auto Erotica?

Show Me The Monet


It may not be by the artist – or a reproduction of an original even – but those swirls really are reminiscent of Monet at his best.  This car is registered as historic and is one of the cooler examples of this genre as it was done with a great deal of care and – self evidently – by someone who knew what they were doing.  Perhaps the (original) owner was the artist or perhaps they paid someone to do it – you can’t really tell from this picture.  You can always, always tell when it is the over keen owner trying to stamp their personality on their vehicle, however.

Flower Empower

There is absolutely no doubt that the paint job on this car was done by the owner – and that they probably didn’t go to art school either.  The fact that it does not take a latter day Sherlock Holmes to jump to that conclusion is rather tempered by the slogan on the side of the car.  While the paint work is amateur the thought is soulful.  It reads ‘We can’t cure the world of sorrows but we can choose to live in joy’.  It almost makes up for the rest of the car.  But not quite.

The Fan Boy


Some people are so enamoured with their cars that they have to personalise them to the extent which leaves the rest of us perplexed, somewhat bewildered but every now and again impressed.  The owner of this car has really done themselves proud with the Aliens motif – and has gone that further mile to get a license plate that relates to the art.  The art is excellent but you might be forgiven for being startled if you were fifty meters behind this beauty.

Why Hilary Lost


Most of the world shrugged and moved on when Hillary Clinton lost that darned nomination but if you have been having sleepless nights wondering why the former First Lady never made the throne of a republic then here you finally have your answer.  There will be in the future no need for those sleeping tablets and you can return to your bed knowing that you will finally get some rest.  It is obvious, however, that much love has been squandered, sorry lavished in the production of this paean to politics and so we will linger here for a second or two.


There is no doubt that this car should have featured in the TV series Ugly Betty as it shares the aesthetics of the TV show’s eponymous lead character.   Plus, in true fashion mode (get it) even the art itself is accessorised with plenty of coins and, erm, other things which are some way left of definition.


Instead of doing another sequel to Night At The Museum they should make a movie entitled Night on the Roof of this Car.  The myriad of toys, statuettes and other wot nots heaped across its roof would surely fill a ninety minute celluloid blockbuster – if they were to come alive that is.  One suspects that all the glue used to put this baby together might, however, have already put paid to that.

The Spongebobmobile


Well, well, well and what do we have here?  Not the most professional paint job ever, it has to be admitted.  Yet as a homage to one of the best animated toons ever created then this has to get at least eight out of ten.  Even the seats inside are yellow, which is a great touch.  Really. But…

Less is Sometimes More

Sometimes people can be overambitious and the old artistic rule of ‘less is more’ works just as well when it comes to giving your car a makeover as it does for anything else.  Just a little work towards the rear and you have what some might call a motor with personality – but not too much.  After all, they may say that the car is the star but if it is only the car that gets the looks and the attention then perhaps you haven’t done the job quite right after all.

I Made This!


No, you didn’t kid.  Now stop jay walking or we will tell your Mom.

The Peace Car


In this day and age where we are constantly bombarded by images of violence and war on the TV, who can blame people if they harken back to the days of peace, love and John Lennon?  It may be something of a throwback but the sentiments are just fine in our books.  So, it isn’t a professional job – we don’t you just love all of that CND symbolism?  What with the flowers, the rainbow and good old Planet Earth (realistically orbited by the moon) it makes you come over all Simon and Garfunkel.

Scooby Doo, Where Are You?


Let us stay a few decades or so in the past to take a look at this marvellous Volkswagen Camper.  Inside it there are several animated humans talking about their latest adventure and a toon pooch tucking in to his snacks.  As has been said before in this piece, if the owner has some aesthetic sensibilities (even if it is trapped in a decade that taste forgot) then the result can be quite satisfying.  Don’t you just know what the police would find in there if they chose to stop the vehicle?  Answers on a postcard.

There isn’t much point in sending that postcard.  There are no prizes and besides, if you have a bumper which reads ‘flashbacks happen’ then what one earth (with the moon orbiting nicely) do you expect?

Euro Trash

The streets of France are adorned with tastefully built buildings and even more tastefully dressed people.  It is enough to make the visiting American cry with the agony of shame – as once Adam did in Eden.  So, why not spoil it all with something completely and utterly devoid of any taste whatsoever.  Sounds like a plan.

The Jackson Pollock

Is your head hurting yet?

The Dual Personality


This motor has something of a split personality. Half of it exhorts the local population to love one and all and then the other part of it suggests that we all fight back.  Kick ass and Kiss, well, whatever you like perhaps.

The Politico


Although this may not classify as a paint job – it really does say something that perhaps to which perhaps we should all listen.

The Italian Job


Trust the Italians to do something in a classy almost impeccably irreproachably subtle way.  That’s just like them, isn’t it?  This car was spotted in the Jewish Ghetto in Rome and is probably the classiest of all the vehicles we have seen  before – if not the most interesting.

A Trick to Take Off Tint

In this article I can tell you a trick that will make it peal right off in one piece instead of picking at it for hours.

In my experience I have bought two vehicles that have had purple and old tint.  By the way, when the tint is purple it has been aged.  Due to the Texas heat throughout the whole year, I need good tint and strong enough to deflect as much of the sun’s rays.  As a proud mustang owner, I like to keep my vehicles looking clean and sharp.  With aged, weak, and purple tint it cannot be pulled off.  A trick that I have used on my vehicles is using glass cleaner but with AMMONIA.

A Trick to Take Off Tint

Ammonia really does the job. You can buy a simple glass cleaner spray with ammonia at any store. You don’t even need any tools, all you need is a razor, or something to clip the corner to start pealing.  Spray on the corner, start pealing off from the corner, and as you keep pealing, be spraying constantly under the tint on the window.  With this method, you will peal off the entire strip of tint in one piece, and in less than 2 minutes.  Another tip, since you are using spray with ammonia to take off the tint, if you are tinting your vehicle by yourself, make sure you clean the window to take off the ammonia residue with water and soap spray.

Ways to Choose an CAR Shipping Company

There are various means to search a suitable car shipping company.

There are various means to search for a suitable car shipping company. They are the following:

USE OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY: Due to globalization and tremendous advances made in information technology, internet usage by using Google and other search engines a number of auto transport companies can be located and their quotes can also be obtained.

ACQUAINTANCES AND FRIENDS: The assistance of friends and acquaintances can be obtained in finding suitable companies who are capable of transporting cargo or automobiles with reasonable quotes.

AUTO TRANSPORT BROKERS: These professionals are also a good channel to track down suitable auto transporters with reasonable car shipping quotes. These are resourceful persons and with reasonable fees, provide a list of suitable auto transporters who operate in the area with reasonable car shipping quotes.

The reputed car transport companies also offer free quotes online vis-à-vis the services provided by them in detail.

These channels provide enough information about the reputed auto transport companies, who have an excellent track record and enjoy tremendous reputation in the market. There rates are competitive and reliable and these are full and final with no hidden charges. These car shipping companies provide risk free and safe transportation to the cargo or automobiles.

Significance of Car Shipping

The following paragraphs summarize the work of car transport experts who are completely familiar with all the aspects of car transport. Heed their advice to avoid any car transport surprises.

Those of you not familiar with the latest on car transport now have at least a basic understanding. This article will guide you through the process of the importance of Car shipping. Some people are not that well informed regarding car shipping. Some might say that it is a total waste of money but yet they haven’t seen the importance of it all. They neglect the value of saving not only time but also the effort in transporting your car from one place to another. Information dissemination is must to give clients ideas in order to give them information regarding what auto transport services really do. But there’s more to come.

When a vehicle is to be carried to place of destination, proper moving service is required for the customer. Reliable auto transport companies are available nowadays. Most clients are interested in outsourcing their products safely from one place to another. Safety is our main concern in transporting our vehicles. A reasonable price consideration is offered by some auto transport companies which can makes clients come back for more. The people in auto transport company’s offers such services like car shipping in an enclosed-type auto transport or in an open-type auto transport. Also large car shipping companies engaged in providing fruitful services with door-to-door services. They transport our cars at a delivery period with flexible payment modes. So, consider the importance of auto transport and prefer the best auto transport company. What is important is the safety and reliable car shipping methods by these companies. Their efficiency and effective services should also be looked into.

Now might be a good time to write down the main points covered above. There are times that we might not remember in considering such things since we rely only to the company’s answers and overwhelmed with their offer. There are also auto transport brokers who are available to ask but it is much better if you research it yourself so that you’ll be confident to deal with any auto transport company. The act of putting it down on paper will help you remember what’s important about car transport. And bring it along to any auto transport company of your choice so that you won’t forget a thing.

Points to Look for in an Auto Transport Company

One has to be very careful while choosing an auto transport company.

In case you want your vehicle to be transported from one place to another considerable care is needed in opting for a proper car shipping company.

To choose a probably best car transport company many possibilities have to be researched like means of transportation, authenticity of the auto transport company are some of the important points to be taken consideration.

An exotic car or a classic car needs your utmost attention and care as it is expensive. It needs to be handled by experienced staff your have prior experience in handling of exotic cars. If there is slight mishandling or error, it may lead to a great loss of money.

Local Move, Intrastate Transportation AND Interstate Transportation

Car shipping companies provide different range of transportation.

Car shipping companies provide various range of transportation. When one is relocated, the cargo or automobiles are required to be transported to various destinations. It is indeed quite a hassle to move to a new place. Lot of planning is required to be done. Cost of shipping, searching a suitable auto transport company and modes of transport are some issues which require careful consideration, intrastate transport and interstate transport. The terminology should be understood as well.

Local Move: A transport where distance travelled is less than 200 kilometers is termed as local move. The risk in this type of transport is far less as compared to other means. The cost of shipping is also very low.

Intrastate transport: When cargo or automobiles are to be transported from one state to another and the distance involved is less than two hundred kilometers it is termed as intrastate transport. The auto transport company should be capable of transporting goods and should be conversant of rules and regulations of concerned states. It should possess a valid license and should be a legal company.

Interstate transport: This type of transportation to various states in the country is termed as interstate transport. The car transport company undertaking such transportation should be a valid company having license to ply to all states. It should have the required expertise to manage such transportation. It should be conversant of all state and excise rules and regulations and should have expert drivers with valid licenses to drive across the states.

The authorized car shipping company should have the required experience, means and a good past track record. It should be capable of providing all means of transport for example open trailer or enclosed trailer mode with facilities for door to door transportation.

The auto transport company should have a cargo marine insurance policy in the agreement in all the three modes of transportation, so as to provide a risk free transportation.

Finding Out If Leasing a Car is Right for You

Having a vehicle is an important part of everyday life to get to work and go about daily activities.  There are two main options out there when deciding to get a car: leasing and purchasing.  Purchasing a car can have its benefits, but it also puts you in a long term payment plan that can cost a lot up front.  The other option, leasing, can give you the same benefits of having a car but not give you the limitations of purchasing a car.

What are some of the pros of leasing a car?

Always have a new car

When you invest your money in buying a new car, you are going to be stuck with the car for a long time, so you will be driving an older vehicle at some point.  With a leased car, you have it for a limited amount of time, so you always will be driving a newer model vehicle.

Little to no down payment required

Most cars take a large down payment, while most lease car situations offer either a much smaller or even no down payment at all.  This can make it much easier to get a car when you need it.

No long term commitment

Buying a vehicle can put you in a long term situation where you are making payments for years before you own the car outright.  Leasing a vehicle puts you in a short term lease of your choice so that you can have a car for as short or as long as you need it.

Finding Out If Leasing a Car is Right for You

What are some cons in leasing a car?

Some companies do not allow customization

If you are going into a specific location to find the best lease car deals in your area, there will be specific vehicles for you to make a choice from, but you will not be able to customize the vehicle.

No equity in the vehicle

When you purchase a car and make monthly payments, you are doing so knowing that eventually you will own the car fully.  With a lease, you are making payments, but you will never own the car.  At the end of the lease period, you will be expected to return the car, and the money you have spent on lease payments has pretty much been paid to rent the car.

Pay a fee for terminating the lease

Just like an apartment that you have leased, leasing a car has penalties for ending your lease period before the lease terms are up.  There may be certain extenuating circumstances included in your lease terms that allow you to break a lease, but it is important for you to read that information before making your decision, because fees for terminating a lease can be high.

The first step to finding the right fit for you is to look at the best lease car deals available in your area and decide what type of vehicle you are looking for and what these businesses have to offer you in that area.  After you find vehicles that suit your needs, look at your budget and determine which choice is the right one for you!

Difference Between Motorcycle Shipment and Car Shipping

Currently we are witnessing different innovations in transporting automobiles whether motorcycle or car. Though they are relatively under the same category they have different ways of shipment. A motorbike is very important because it is very affordable and handy.

They can pass through a narrow street and heavy traffic. Meanwhile cars are also useful because it can transport people from one place to another with comfort. Unlike motorbikes cars have roof securing us from too much heat from the sun and heavy rainfall due to the storm. In order to enjoy both features, most car owners have also motorcycle.
Cars and motorcycle owners might wonder how these two vehicles does are being shipped. One could also think if they have the same shipment procedures.

Actually they have different style of transporting procedures. Both of them have different sizes that should be placed in appropriate carrier. One cannot put a motorcycle on the car’s carrier or the other way around. Car shipping companies explain to their customers that though they are both automobiles each of them have special needs to attend to. You cannot mix them together in a container because the other one might cause damage to the other. Safety is the priority during shipment, so these two automobiles should be properly transported.

Difference Between Motorcycle Shipment and Car Shipping

Car is much stable when placed in a flat surface due to its four wheels that helps in keeping the balance while motorcycle can easily fall during a collision because it has only two wheels supporting. Motorcycles have these stands installed to make it stable when not in use. During car transport shipment cars are securely placed in the compartment where it is safe provided with locks on wheels and the floor should be flat. On the other hand the motorcycle have chains being attached to secure it preventing movement and also from thieves. Though they differ in many ways they’re still similar when it comes to unloading and loading during shipment.

Our vehicles are very much precious to us. They are designed individually and distinctively from the others having their purpose. Both cars and motorcycles are very important to our daily lives because they provide transportation that will carry us opportunities everywhere. Each of them is uniquely designed to cater the needs of its owner. A responsible owner should use them wisely and find an auto transport company that specialize car shipment that caters the needs of our cars and motorbikes.