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K9, Luxury Sedan From KIA

SEOUL - Kia Motors took part in the luxury sedan segment with the launch of the all-new K9. K9 sedan will be first launched in South Korea this summer.

Lexus GS300 Speed Performance Specifications

The dynamic presence of the Lexus GS300 is at once the pure essence and an inspired refinement of the original Lexus concept of performance. It embodies the new Lexus design philosophy captured in the concept …

Lexus IS300 Luxury Cars Concept Review

Distil the qualities that you find exhilarating and you quickly reach the core elements that spark individual desire.A fusion of passion and precision, balanced by incisive beauty and intelligent simplicity, they excite the senses, captivate …

Fit Ev, Honda Most Net

Honda Fit hatchback variant will release EV (Electronic Vehicle) in early 2012. Variants in Indonesia known as the Jazz made its debut in the arena of the Los Angeles Auto Show 2011.

Kia Picanto Design Wins If 2012

Only a few months after the sale, Kia Picanto mini car to get the award. Autoevolution proclaim, Saturday (5/11), the design of car manufacturers automotive companies from South Korea that won the iF product design …