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Maybach: The Worst Gas Mileage Car

Maybach: The Worst Gas Mileage Car

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This is somewhat of a loaded topic, but one can only attempt to scrutinize it/examine it, etc. Of course there’s the old saying: “if money is no object,” which happens to be quite true; whether you want to believe it or not. McCain’s wife charged $500,000 on her Amex card for one month alone, so don’t let anyone tell you money is a problem for people like these; it’s a problem for most people, but not everyone….

SUV’s are probably the worst when it comes to MPG, but again: the Bentley, Rolls, Maybach, and any other extravagant cars like these use a great deal of gasoline consumption as well. In fact, the Bentley weighs more than both: the Escalade, and Navigator, and although the front seat is extremely roomy, on the coupe model; the back can get cramped at times, but remember the saying: people who own these types of vehicles, don’t care what it costs them at the pump; unlike regular folks do.

Let’s start with the most extravagant of all SUV’s: the Rover. The Land Rover is extremely thirsty. It comes with a V8, and even though the engine isn’t that large, it weighs a great deal; making the vehicle very bad on MPG. You would be lucky if you got 12 MPG on the city, and even on the highway; things could get pretty egregious if you step on the pedal too much.

Next in line is the Cayenne. Although the V8 isn’t too bad on MPG, if you get the turbo, which if well equipped costs over $100,000, then you’ll be lucky to squeeze 10 MPG on the city, and although things always improve on the highway: how many people are going to drive a Porsche turbo like they would a little Honda hybrid? The answer is obvious, but again: if you have over $100,000 to blow on a Porsche, you aren’t too concern about MPG.

The Escalade is the same thing. Although it’s less expensive than both of the above mentioned; it’s very thirsty as well. Again, you’re lucky if you can squeeze 12 MPG. But again: if you buy this type of vehicle, the last thing on your mind is economy, if you buy any of these three vehicles, and you aren’t wealthy; have a family to support, etc: you will be in debt sooner or later, which is how many people live today. Although the same can be said about wealth and extravagance; there are also wealthy people out there driving Prius’ as well. It’s ultimately up to the individual, and how responsible he/she is.

The Navigator is the same thing. Although less expensive than the Escalade (as Lincoln’s have always been less expensive than Cadillac), it is the same thing. All these vehicles are propelled (not the correct word, although some might agree) by powerful V8’s; which are needed to haul their enormous weigh around, so what can one expect? The Lincoln gets around the same MPG as the Cadillac, don’t expect anything more than 12 cities, and maybe 16 highway if you’re lucky.

The Lexus LX 470 is another hog, be it a Lexus and all, it’s not much different; although it’s quite pricey as most Lexus’ are. It goes for around twenty-five more than the Navigator, and around fifteen-thousand more than the Escalade, although worst it, again: it’s hideous on MPG; although Lexus’ have very well tuned engines, making them a bit more efficient than most of the above aforementioned. If you’re not well to do, stay away from these vehicles, unless you don’t mind sacrificing finance over looks, which is how many people live today….

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