Facelifted, Fourth Gen TL.

Acura has given the TL some tweaks and new bumpers for the 2012 model year, including a redesigned front grill, which makes the car a bit more appealing. Many other tweaks were done to the interior and the engine, also, a few new features were added to the car.

Some of these new features include, a downshifting rev-matching in the automatic multi-clutch gearbox, which allows the driver to downshift two gears at once, as a result, sharply improves deceleration when stopping. The interior has received new seats that feature a ventilating system with six heating systems, the navigation system gets a bigger harddrive, now 60 GB, to store more data.

Other new bits on the TL include, new rims, 18 inch, 5 spoke alloys, improved soundproofing in the interior, the Blind Spot Information System, that was first introduced by Volvo, then there’s the improvements to the engine, Acura somehow got another 2 mpg out of both the 3.5L and 3.7L engines, while still be able to carry over the same six-speed gearboxes from the pre-facelifted models, without worrying about any extra stress, thanks to tweaks that created less engine stress and noise, which makes the car 3dB quieter at highway speeds.

Pricing for the new TL starts at $35,605 USD, with the TL SH-AWD trim that comes with Advance Package, to cost $45,085 USD.