Hawaii has been home to the United States military for years. Military personnel make up a large part of the population. Military is also one of the Hawaiian economy’s greatest industries, next to tourism and service.

Military personnel are frequently relocated throughout their careers, and Hawaii is a common destination. Here are a few tips if you’re relocating to Hawaii.

  • If you’re in the military, you will most likely be moving to the island of Oahu, which is home to numerous military bases and is the most populous of the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Contact your current installation’s Transportation Office or Personal Property Shipping Office to schedule a pickup of your household goods.
  • The counselor will help you prepare the required documents for each shipment and provide you with information about what you can ship, the places you’re authorized to ship items to, the number of shipments you can make, and other general guidelines for moving to Hawaii from mainland U.S.A.
  • The Transportation Office or PPSO will send movers to pack and ship your belongings. The PPSO makes all the arrangements with a reliable Honolulu moving company to ensure your household goods are delivered safely. Avoid changing anything after these arrangements have been made. Rescheduling the date of the move or any other specifics could lead to long delays.
  • It’s best to scale down your personal belongings and only take what is absolutely necessary. This will make things easier for you and the movers. You’re responsible for taking care of all your appliances and household goods and ensuring they’re all ready for the move. The carrier is merely responsible for packing those goods away and ensuring a safe shipment.
  • Should you encounter any problems, contact the quality control section of the PPSO instead of arguing with the carrier directly.
  • If you have a privately owned vehicle, the PPSO should provide you with a shipment form that you must fill out. You will need your vehicle’s title or a letter from the lienholder granting you permission to ship the car overseas.
  • Keep about a month’s worth of clothing and supplies separate from what the movers will take. Depending on where you’re currently stationed, it will take three to six weeks for your household goods to arrive in Hawaii. Your car will take about the same amount of time, so plan ahead for how you’ll get around without your car. You can purchase a bicycle or make use of Hawaii’s robust public transit system.