If you see video footage or photographs of deadly accidents that befall rider Marco Simoncelli, Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi, will inevitably the question arises: Why are helmets worn Simoncelli (24) can be separated from his head?

Why Marco Simoncelli Helmet Can Apart? – Definitive answer has not been found because until now the MotoGP organizers still do a thorough investigation of the incident.

“I could have answered your question next time. But certainly we assert that a thorough investigation of this incident will soon be done,” said Paul Butler, Directors of the MotoGP race during a press conference with the other Directors of MotoGP after the accident occurred on Sunday (23 / 10) in Malaysia.

MotoGP party does not want to suppose the cause of the release Simoncelli helmet. The medical team was just to make sure that Simoncelli suffered serious injuries in the head, neck and chest. If you see from the video footage or photos carefully when Simoncelli run over, was difficult to ascertain why the type of helmet brands AGV GP-Tech’s San Carlo Gresini Honda rider could fall off.

Why Marco Simoncelli Helmet Can Apart?

Simoncelli might not associate or attach a safety helmet straps under the neck. But as an experienced and professional drivers, so little chance Simoncelli careless. Moreover, before the MotoGP race begins, checks and strict supervision and inspection conducted by a crew race is very tight and precise. Or because of the strong effect of collision or impact the tire to the body that makes Simoncelli helmet off and bounce? Maybe.

The results of investigations with the GP about the cause of the collision and release of highly anticipated Simoncelli helmet. From the results of investigations can be found the cause – for a solution found.

Why Marco Simoncelli Helmet Can Apart?

This solution will be very beneficial for manufacturers helmet MotoGP rider, to make the helmet more safe, comfortable and sturdy. Although helmets are worn by MotoGP racers use carbon Kevlar materials and modern technology, the chances of defects could have occurred.

Technology in the protective bubble of the drivers racing suit is also a good idea immediately applied. With the balloon protector, drivers can avoid collisions or tremendous pressure as they fall. We all certainly hope the deadly accident that occurred in Malaysia to be the last.